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  • 2017-10-19
  • Beat The System Premieres Remix Version “Be Your Own” Featuring Riddler
  • New York-based rock band Beat The System dropped a new remix version “Be Your Own” with American dance DJ Riddler.
    The original version was released in April 2016 from their upcoming debut album “Journey”. The music video for “Be Your Own”, directed by Jonathan Anak Galan, was premiered early this year. Also, another remix version by GetSet was released six month ago.

    The band said about the original version;
    “It totally surpassed our expectations to be honest. The single gained traction the moment we released it and we’ve been receiving messages from people all around the world saying how the song has touched them.
    We changed the storyline of the video a couple of times simply because we wanted to make sure the video has a twist to it that is somewhat unexpected. Many wondered if the actress in the video is actually dead or if the whole guy-girl romance is just a part of her imagination. As long as it keeps people guessing, I think we achieved what we set out to do.”
  • The debut album contains 12-track, “We’re really really proud with our album that’s titled ‘Journey’. Every song reflects what we actually went through as a band. They are all so very personal yet relatable to a certain extent. The sound for each song is pretty specific too, no two songs sound similar to the other, at least that was what we had in mind." they said.

    Beat The System formed in 2015 by brothers Stewart Sellan and Gerald Sellan in Malaysia. Currently the band consists of May Leigh (lead vocalist), Stewart Sellan (lead guitarist), Gerald Sellan (drummer/composer ) and Adrian Puan (composer).
    Originaly, May Leigh has released four albums and an EP as Megan McCauley. Stewart Sellan and Gerald Sellan signed to Warner Music Group Malaysia. The band won Song of the Year’ and Best Collaboration at the prestigious Asian Voice Independent Music Awards in 2012.
    Stewart Sellan and Gerald Sellan, both moved to New York in 2014 and joined with May Leigh.
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