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  • 2017-09-01
  • Wafia Premieres New Song “Bodies”
  • Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Wafia Al-Rikabi, aka Wafia has delivered a new song "Bodies" via streaming music services.
    The song was written by Wafia Al-Rikabi, Ben Abraham, Bram Inscore and Dan Omelio, produced by Robopop.
    The track is taken from her upcoming third EP "VIII", which is expected to be released on October 13, 2017.
    She wrote the song about the refugee crisis. Because, Wafia was born in the Netherlands, but her mother is Syrian and her father is Iraqi. She and her parents now live in Australia. However her other family are still in Syria.

    About the new song, she told Broadly in an interview;
    "I wanted to make a song that was fun even though it talks about something much darker. I never like it when music feels pseudo-intellectual and it becomes inaccessible in that way. I wanted to make something that, even if you couldn't relate to the words, you could enjoy it. So "Bodies" is a play on pop music in general. The song is actually about my family. They live in Syria and they've been impacted, obviously, by everything going on there... But my family's refugee status was essentially denied. I saw my mom doing paperwork, taking calls, and following up for about a year. Then, in one single letter, they were denied everything. It wasn't just one of them—it was my whole family. I saw how much that broke my mom and my family. I saw a lot of images in the media about people leaving their homes, and I just wanted to make it feel less alien. I feel like people tend to look at situations like that and feel really removed from it. I just wanted to create a song that put all of these ideas together, and "Bodies" is what happened... I talk about themes like necessity, intangibility, and transparency. That's what I'm focusing on."
  • source : Broadly
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