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  • Scout Releases Debut EP “Everything Will Make Sense”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Scout released their debut EP “Everything Will Make Sense” on March 1, 2024 via Sweat Entertainment.

    The EP comprises 6-track, including a new version of “Who” with Phoebe Green.
    Written by Lea Emmery, and Max Cooke who co-wrote “Hurt”. Produced by George Glew, and Alex Beitzke who co-produced another version of “Who”.
    The project condenses a period of personal turmoil into a body of work spanning an eclectic range of influences.
    Through their cathartic lens and alternative-leaning pop soundscapes, Scout aims to know their own worth and their power as an artist.
    Scout said of the EP, “The recurring theme is trying to make sense of what's happened and regaining a sense of self. A lot on this EP is about looking back with a bit more perspective, something you couldnt access in the eye of things."
  • Scout explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Last Time”
    “A sibling track to 'Hurt' from the EP, 'Last Time' talks about the same relationship breakdown but from the perspective of remembering rather than being in the midst of it. I tend to do this with more upbeat, driving songs a lot - I think they just lend themselves to "setting the scene and playing out like a film" really well. It also has that vibe of young love and feeling things very strongly. There's something really beautiful in how strongly things can be felt at both ends of the spectrum.”

    “Hurt is about a breakdown in communication between people leading to the premature death of a relationship ands lots of what ifs.”

  • “Who”
    “The song was born from accumulated feelings of violation and a breach of trust by figures of authority in my life and early career. When I picked myself back up, I felt pretty raw and desperate to gain back a sense of self worth. When you have no mental buffer it feels a bit like having an open wound but thinking that by letting people poke around in it, they could help me heal.
    'Who' is me questioning some of these people and experiences, it's a reminder to not give your power away and to find it in your truth and self expression: To honour and embrace yourself fully, but also remembering the toll it can take when you don't.”

    “Gemini Baby”
    “It has a bit of an apocalyptic feel compared to the rest. I think one of the recurring themes in my personal life is my attention span or lack thereof, and that of my friends and colleagues. We're all very online, very fickle - everything is always shifting, shifting, shifting - and looking around I feel more disconnected than ever needing to make sense of things. So I go online and I'm bombarded with ways to make sense of the world but the reality is I can't stick with one thing for long enough because I get bored and the most dangerous part of it is that unless I have the clarity of mind to stop for a second, I never have to be still enough to identify the underlying feeling.”

    “Who” with Phoebe Green
    Scout: “Phoebe is someone I've looked up to a lot as an artist and a songwriter for a while so finding out she was down for a collab was so cool, especially with "Who" being my second ever release. Things fell into place really easily once that initial connection was made and I wanted to let Phoebe do her thing. She came to the studio with this beautiful idea for a second verse and I was like "that's it, don't change a thing". We realised our voices blend eerily well too, that's both of our vocals in the pre-chorus and the chorus but it sounds like one which is kinda symbolic for the whole process and song. Working with someone like Phoebe is really effortless in way because one, she's super talented, but also I think because there's a level of unspoken understanding of each others experience as young women in the industry which the song touches upon."
    Phoebe Green: “I absolutely loved 'Who' the second I heard it, it's a really special song and I feel so lucky to have been asked to be involved. We had such a fun time in the studio and I'm so happy with how the song's turned out!”

    Photo by Ollo Weguelin
  • source : Apple Music
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