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  • Charlotte Sands Releases Debut Album “can we start over?”

  • Nashville-based pop-punk singer-songwriter Charlotte Sands released her debut album “can we start over?” on January 24, 2024 via her own label CS Records.

    The album comprises a 10-track, featuring a guest appearance from Los Angeles-based rock band Point North.
    Produced by Alex Niceforo, Danen Reed Rector, Daniel Geraghty, Keith Sorrells, kodeblooded, Kyle Reith, lil aaron, Mike Pepe and Nick Furlong.
    Charlotte Sands said of the album, “The inspiration behind the title can we start over? came while writing a song for the album about the idea of restarting a relationship, and the idea of beginning again or reintroducing yourself to someone. I've changed so much over the last few years personally and in my career and I love the concept of starting over as who I am now with the information and knowledge I've gained. It's not about forgetting the past or regretting our choices but more so letting go of the previous version of ourselves and meeting each other where we are at this moment in the phases that we're currently in. I think this album for me represents exactly that, standing firmly where I am as the person I am today.”
    She added, “It feels like holding a mirror to myself and reflects exactly how I feel right now in this phase of my life. I feel more secure in who I am as a person and as an artist than I've ever been. I hope this album conveys strength, confidence, and power within vulnerability.”
  • She made the bulk of the album in Los Angeles. She told When The Horn Blows about the songwriting, “I think because of how long I've been in Nashville, and how important the actual songwriting aspect is to me, I'm able to bring that with me, even when I travel to make different music. That's always a part of my core and my roots is how important the songwriting is and how intentional I am still with that, and with the story behind the song.”
    She continued, “My priority is to write songs for myself, and write them about my stories. I think as you grow older, those things can get deeper and those things can feel heavier. But also, I really try to also write songs that can feel universal in their emotions and in their feelings so that anybody at any age can relate in some way.”

  • Charlotte Sands explained about some songs for the album.

    “​​use me”
    “We wrote 'use me' at a time where I was constantly trying to please everyone around me and felt like I was continuously coming up short of their expectations. No matter how hard I tried or how much I gave, it never felt like I was good enough. This song is about finally letting go of that pressure and accepting myself for who I actually am instead of the version that other people want me to be. Creating this song was a really therapeutic experience, and I felt a million times lighter afterwards. I hope it makes you feel powerful and reminds you to not put too much weight on other people's opinions of you. Only you truly know who you are.”

    “'Pity' is a song about meeting 'the perfect person' and wishing you could be more like them. It's about the feeling of jealousy and comparing yourself but also about the experience of being captivated by someone else's existence. Making this song was such a fun experience, I wanted the production to feel like a high-energy show opener while the melody stayed simple and repetitive so everyone could scream the words together when we finally get to perform it live.”

    “get over it”
    “'get over it' is a song about the inability to let go of someone even when you know it's the right thing to do. We wrote it about the feeling of being drawn to someone after ending a relationship, almost like this undeniable magnetic pull towards each other, and how easy it is to convince yourself to fall for the deception of those past emotions and previous history. I wanted the song to feel upbeat and happy and reflect the moments where you're allowing yourself to be delusional about a non-existent relationship with this person. There's something about letting go of what you're supposed to do and instead leaning into the chaos of the situation that I felt inspired by and also very much related to.”

    “It's about the experience of watching their life from the sidelines and having to witness them have feelings for other people. This is one of my favorite songs I've ever written and was very much sonically inspired by artists like Michelle Branch, Jewel, and so many others. It reminds me of some of my favorite songs from the 90's and I am so proud and excited for it to be out in the world.”

    “can we start over?”
    “The reason that I chose that was because I thought it was interesting having a song called 'can we start over?' as the last song, since it was like 'Can we start the album over? Can we start the experience over?' Hopefully people take it literally and stream the whole album again!”
  • source : Apple Music
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