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  • Mark Wilkinson Releases New EP “Golden Afternoons”

  • Sydney-based singer-songwriter Mark Wilkinson released a new EP “Golden Afternoons” on January 12, 2024 via Nettwerk.

    It is his first project in two years since the 2022 EP “Mariposa”.
    The EP comprises 7-track, produced by Owen Lewis, written by Mark Edward Wilkinson, and Ben Cramer who co-wrote two songs.
    He recorded the EP in Nashville with Owen Lewis in just two weeks.
    On the EP, he acknowledges hardship and darkness, only to step into the embrace of the light and acutely details this journey through relatable storytelling and hummable songcraft.
    Mark Wilkinson said of the EP, “The EP explores the fine line between light and dark as well as confidence and uncertainty, which are the two states I'm constantly between as an artist and songwriter. Each song touches on these themes as they float through this body of work. It's a reflection of the balancing act.”
  • He continued, “It was my first time making a project in Nashville. It was exciting to see the whole thing come together over a short period and work with some amazing musicians. It progresses from the previous EP - which was made in a space of the end of the Pandemic and not knowing anything about what was going to happen. This music comes out of that period with confidence, trying to trust yourself and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.”

  • Mark Wilkinson explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Taking Our Time”
    “Some memories are beautiful to reflect on whilst others can act as anchors, preventing us from moving on and embracing the present. Too often we find ourselves treading water, waiting for the perfect moment to do something or trying to relive times gone by. This track is about freeing yourself from historical baggage.”

    “Movie Scene”
    “It's written about falling in love with a friend and more broadly written about things that are left unset.”

    “Promises is written about taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to fail. It's about recognizing that some of the best things in life creatively or otherwise come from pushing yourself and being uncomfortable. Essentially the message behind the song is 'Don't die wondering'. Trust yourself, commit and don't be afraid to fuck it up.”

    “Time Floats Away”
    “It often feels like time moves faster the older you get. That feeling of acceleration makes me want to try and bottle time and cram as much into each moment as possible. This track is written about trying to slow things down and ultimately about accepting that life moves at a pace you can't control.”

    “Fair-Weather Friend”
    “It's a song about sticking by the ones you love. There are a bunch of messages in this one but mostly it's about sticking by the ones you love through thick and thin.”

    “Embrace the Ride”
    “This is a little snippet of the closing track, 'Embrace The Ride'. It's about trying to navigate through life's fluctuations and trying to trust yourself as we swing between states of confidence and self-doubt (well at least I do!)”

    Photo by Mikey Conlon
  • source : Apple Music
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