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  • Alex Coley & Afterlove Releases Debut Song “Courage and Crime”

  • Nova Scotia-based indie-folk band Alex Coley & Afterlove, consisting of Alex Coley (vocals/guitar), Sarah Roberts (vocals), Connor Robins (guitar), Ted Morris (drums), Dan Richards (keyboard) and Braden Kammermans (bass), released a debut song “Courage and Crime” on October 25, 2023.

    The song will appear on their upcoming debut album “The Arc”.
    The song was written by Alex Coley and produced by Braden Kammermans.
    Alex Coley said of the song, “This song is about me confronting my own complacency, but in part it's also about that wake up moment I had when I saw myself from above and wondered what's been holding me back. In the context of the album this was the moment I finally picked my head up, took a breath, and opened myself up again.”
  • He continued, “Love is hard, but we are resilient. While I try to keep my politics out of music, put most simply, my politics are that I want people to be okay and to use love and compassion as their compass. These songs are an honest portrayal of me doing my best, and at times failing, to move forward from heartbreak with love and compassion.”

  • He added, “There was a moment following my break up where I felt I could finally see beyond my own situation. It was early days of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter was happening, folks were burning indigenous fishing boats, and I had this waking up moment where I suddenly had the space to see beyond myself and the break up. I felt so guilty and complacent that I'd been so self obsessed and in my own little bubble of suffering that I'd lost touch with what was happening beyond me. I work for public health, and part of our job is responding to and supporting the community when social justice issues arise, but during the pandemic we were asked to focus on pandemic response and between that and my break up - I just made my world so small.”

    Photo by Katy Maclachlan
  • source : Apple Music
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