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  • MOTHICA Releases New Song “Sirens” featuring Sophie Powers

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter McKenzie Ellis, aka MOTHICA teamed up with Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Sophie Powers to release a new song “Sirens” on September 8, 2023.

    The song is the second single since her 2022 sophomore album “Nocturnal”, following “Glow in the Dark” from “Rocksmith” soundtrack.
    Also, the song will appear on her upcoming third studio album.
    The track was produced and co-written by American pop rock band PVRIS' Lynn Gunn.
    It was written by McKenzie Ellis, Lindsey Gunnulfsen, Sophie Luborsky, and Cameron Hunter.
    “I wrote 'Sirens' about having feelings for someone who is a walking red flag. The type of toxic person you should avoid, but the tantalizing allure of ignoring your intuition about someone,” MOTHICA said of the song. “I've been a huge PVRIS fan for years because Lynn Gunn is a true visionary in every aspect of her project. I had the pleasure of meeting her during a writing camp and got to make 'Sirens' with her and co-wrote it with one of my favorite people, Maize. Lynn produced the song, and I was in awe of working with an artist I've admired for so long. I asked Sophie Powers to jump on the song, and she sent this incredible second verse that's been stuck in my head! It was an incredible experience to work with three other women to create 'Sirens' and wanted to release it before my upcoming third album.”
  • MOTHICA shared about the new album on social media.
    “My mom sent me a poem I wrote about airplanes when I was 13, which inspired this rambling…
    I never had a fear of flying until I got sober. I was never fully 'present' in my body for the 10+ years I was drinking/using. Then suddenly, I was acutely aware of my existence and my own mortality.
    For the first couple months of recovery, I dissociated in social situations and having panic attacks because I wasn't numb anymore. I felt everything.
    It was scary and beautiful, and I was certain I found a reason to live — making music. When I was drinking, I truly wanted to die and now I had this strange, unfamiliar anxiety of wanting to stay alive. To make sure I survived long enough to make art and share my story.
    This question popped into my head: “How do you live when you don't wanna die anymore?” so I started writing and writing and writing. A book, or a memoir maybe. (I'm too young and unaccomplished for that…)
    But then, of course, it seeped into my songwriting and I wrote a whole visual album about spending my youth romanticizing death and now, feeling the opposite emotion of wanting to live a long, fulfilling life but being not quite sure how to do that.
    This next album feels like my origin story.
    It's the genesis of Mothica, following the story of the fifteen year old suicidal teenager to the current version of me, forever healing. And I won't spoil any of the visuals, but it's going to take time to put it all together (12 music videos!)
    Until then, I hope to share some new songs with you before my third album.”

  • Photo by Gabriella Bavaro
  • source : Apple Music
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