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  • Jesse Roper Releases New Song “Throw This Rope”

  • Canadian blues singer-songwriter Jesse Roper released the second single called “Throw This Rope” from his upcoming fourth studio album on July 28, 2023.

    The album is expected to be released later this year and follows up the 2022 album “Horizons”.
    The track was written by Jesse Lee Roper and produced by Gus van Go.
    “I'm excited to share “Throw This Rope,” the second single off of my new album that'll be released later this year, with you!,” Jesse Roper said of the song. “This is a song about being told how to run your life and career by folks who are currently running theirs aground. I sure don't know everything and I never will but I've been given every manner of advice from folks who have no idea what they're talking about. It's frustrating sometimes.”
  • He continued, “For the most part, I try to just nod and pick out the pearls while remaining calm. Sometimes though, folks who have been insistent upon me to act like they might, find themselves running straight into trouble and look to me for help. I know that their own terrible advice and laziness is what got them there, but I can't turn away from a friend or even a foe, so I reach out and extend a hand.”
    He added, “I've been on both sides of this equation so I at least understand how one gets themselves in the deep end.”

  • He said of making process, “'Throw This Rope' is basically a home demo plunked atop an old 60s drum machine and then thickened up with the sweet sauce of a Gus Van Go bass track. I'd been listening to a lot of JJ Cale (he's one of the best ever), and his inspiration and vibe found its way into this little boogie. I'll probably write a few more in this fashion before I'm done.”

    Photo by Ethos Imagery
  • source : Apple Music
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