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  • L.S. Dunes Drops New Music Video for “Grey Veins”

  • American rock band L.S. Dunes, consisting of Anthony Green (vocals), Frank Iero (guitar), Travis Stever (guitar), Tim Payne (bass) and Tucker Rule (drums), dropped a new music video for “Grey Veins” directed by David Brodsky.

    The song is included on their debut album “Past Lives”, which was released last November.
    The band guitarist Frank Iero said of the video, “I've always said that if I couldn't be in a band the only other thing I would want to do is to make monster movies. It's been my dream ever since I was a little, and it was the thing my dad and I bonded over. From an early age music and monsters is just something that went hand in hand for me. (Japanese film genre) Kaiju is something I have been fascinated by ever since I was a kid and I have always wanted to do an homage to that art form in a music video. I love that L.S. Dunes is such an open minded and inspiring collective of artists that allowed me to chase that idea and make that dream a reality. 'Grey Veins' felt like the perfect song to pair with this concept and so when the time came I knew David and Allie at My Good Eye, our frequent collaborators, were the perfect match to bring this to fruition.”
  • The track was written by Anthony Green, Frank Iero, Travis Stever, Tim Payne and Tucker Rule. Produced by L.S. Dunes and Will Yip.
    Th band frontman Anthony Green told Apple Music about the song, “I've been in a lot of projects with a lot of people, and when I sat down to write this song, I was thinking a lot about whether or not I was doing too much. Sometimes I wonder, 'Am I going to make people sick of me? Am I doing too many things?' I kind of answered that question with this song being like, 'Fuck, no.' I'm just going to fucking play and make as much music as I can here, and I don't have to explain it to anybody or to live up to anybody else's standards. I just need to do what makes me happy and to do it as fearlessly as I possibly can.”

  • L.S. Dunes is American supergroup fronted by Circa Survive, Saosin and The Sound of Animals Fighting vocalist Anthony Green, with My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, Coheed and Cambria guitarist Travis Stever, and bassist Tim Payne, and drummer Tucker Rule from the band Thursday.
    The band formed during the COVID-19 pandemic and released the debut album “Past Lives” in 2022 via Fantasy Records.

    Photo by Kevin Estrada
    Background photo by Michael Dubin
  • source : Apple Music
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