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  • SHOUSE & David Guetta Team Up for New Song “Live Without Love”

  • Australian-New Zealand DJ duo SHOUSE and French DJ David Guetta teamed up again to release a new song “Live Without Love” on April 28, 2023.

    This marks the second collaboration between SHOUSE and David Guetta since the 2021 “Love Tonight”.
    The track was written and produced by Jack Madin, Edward Service, David Guetta, and Timofey Reznikov.
    David Guetta said, “After the success we had together with ˋLove Tonight', We are back together with SHOUSE!!!!”
    SHOUSE said, “little back story on how Live Without Love came to be. The last 2 years were a true test to how we live as a community, to the love we share between us and to our ability to connect with others - so we wanted to write about that.
    In the end, it's all about the happy encounters we have in life, and we're thrilled to say David Guetta was one of the best ones we've had so far!”
  • The duo said, “A new song it's called Live Without Love and it's a collaboration with David Guetta. We had an idea for a song which is about living without love, well not living without love, don't live without love, that right. It's kind of coming out of the pandemic and people have been stuck in their rooms on their phones, on their zoom meetings and you know, we were contemplating is the world gonna be more isolated a less collective joyous place. We were in America about 9 months ago on a tour and I texted David, I said 'What's up, we're LA' and he said 'I'm in LA, let's catch up', so we went to the studio, with in a few hours we kinda had track put together and I'm singing on it which was unusual development. We liked it, David wanted to keep it, we wanted to keep it, and then we went back to Melbourne and then recording our Shouse choir singing the chorus, because you can't have a good Shouse song without a choir and the were singing Live Without Love so that's, it's a little connection between Melbourne and LA, Live Without Love, don't do it!”
  • source : Apple Music
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