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  • velours Releases New Song “Flowers In A Wasteland”

  • Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter velours released a new song “Flowers In A Wasteland” on November 25, 2022.

    The song is inspired by vibrant love keeps growing, despite a feeling she had of the whole world crumbling around her.
    It was written by velours, and Ryan Stewart who also produced track.
    velours said of the song, “I was inspired by the idea of a sparkling, vibrant love that grows, despite this feeling of the whole world crumbling around you. The concept of "Flowers in a Wasteland" was so fun to come up with because I'm a sucker for contrast. Not only did I want to convey the imagery of a beautiful and fragile flower thriving in a visually miserable wasteland, but I was also inspired to mix that with the killer upbeat pop rock energy.”
  • She continued, “I wasn't too sure what kind of imagery to use and it was''t until my mom––the person who taught me everything I know about literature––suggested I re-read Lord Byron's poem 'Darkness.' I had so much fun taking from the apocalyptic imagery in the poem and contrasting that with the upbeat sound and feeling of new love.”
    She added, “I had so much fun writing this one with my producer, the JUNO award-winning Ryan Stewart. I've allowed my vocal performance to be completely authentic, focusing less on perfection and performing like I do live: just having a blast with the song!”

  • She said of her stage name, “I chose my stage name velours (french for velvet), because I create music with a mixture of unique appeal––writing about the human condition––and a beautifully soft feel––the lyricism colliding with beautifully authentic melodies.”

    Previous song “Miss You the Most”

    Background photo by CTV Morning Live Saskatoon
  • source : Apple Music
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