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  • Yorke Releases New EP “ten feet tall”: Streaming

  • Australian singer-songwriter Grace Hughes, aka Yorke released a new EP “ten feet tall” on December 2, 2022.

    It is her first project in two years since the 2020 debut EP “Liberosis”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, featuring guest appearance from Arkansas-based duo joan.
    Written by James Alexander Vincent, Jim Alxndr and Yorke. Produced by Jim Alxndr.
    Since debuting on the music scene, Yorke has worked with different producers. But this time, she worked exclusively with Melbourne producer Jim Alxndr on the EP.
    Grace Hughes told Pilerats, “I first wrote 'next life' in Jan 2021, and I knew straight away I wanted to make a body of work with James (Jim Alxndr). His approach to songwriting brought something out in my own that was unmatched to anyone I'd worked with before, where I could be completely vulnerable but also challenged. I think he's the most incredible producer/writer. ”
    She continued, “My new EP 'ten feet tall' is a culmination of growth, experimenting with sounds and whilst not being made directly in lockdown, is definitely a product of the pandemic. I guess you had a lot more time to dwell on minute moments and feelings when you were confined to the 4 walls of your house. I'd also just moved states and went straight into a lockdown, so there was a lot to work through.”
  • Grace Hughes explained track-by-track for the EP via Pilerats.

    “like in the movies”
    “This track is the only one I didn't completely write with James but was written very close to 'next life' in Jan '21. I had to do 14 days isolation and Oscar Sharah and I wrote this song over Zoom during that period. It's a track about realising you can't always control the narrative. It was very early days Covid and I had nothing better to think about than to hyper-fixate on fake scenarios in my head where an outcome had worked in my favour - like it does in the movies. James and I reworked it recently and got it over the line. Stoked to get to work with 2 amazing writers on this one!”

    “next life”
    “'next life' was the first song written for the EP and walks through the 5 stages of grief of losing someone who is very much still alive, and everywhere. It goes from 'denial' to the final stage of 'acceptance', which I think is a very fitting way to lead into the rest of the EP songs. The end of the track is pure pop chaos, which I'll never get sick of. So fun to play live!”

  • “ten feet tall”
    “For me, 'ten feet tall' is the most important song on this body of work and was the hardest to get right. I'd never really struggled with mental health issues before and was too scared to talk about it as I thought I was being a burden to everyone around me. I remember walking into the room with James and just bursting into tears. We knew pretty quickly this was going to be a special song.
    The production actually took a while to get right. James and I both knew where it needed to go, but wanted to make sure we were doing it justice. It wasn't until I sent one of the demos to my partner and he challenged the structure of it, that it finally fell into place. Just needed that outside perspective.
    I've played it at quite a few shows now, and get so touched at how many people would come up and say how much it resonated with them. I hope the produced version has the same effect.”

    “Window Shopping Joan”
    “I think sometimes the anxiety of wanting to make a good first impression (in any respect) can overshadow the ability to establish a meaningful connection. For me, when writing 'Window Shopping', the visual universe that the song existed was just as vivid as the track itself. I've been a fan of Kyle's work for a while now and the way that he creates such a visceral cinematic experience, so I was stoked he wanted to be involved.
    The video was shot in two massive days in Sydney with the most amazing crew and Kyle's patience and attention to detail really brought out the best in the vid. It feels like my own little Yorke world and I'm so proud of how it all turned out.”

    “i'll keep driving”
    “'i'll keep driving' was written to be the perfect windows down driving song. I think my music already lends itself to that, so it was really fun to lean into it. This track has 2 internal journeys going on - one being the personal realisation that the concept of “home” isn't all it's cracked up to be, and the second being that a healthy relationship can ground you in the same way. I'd just moved to Melbourne but still felt like an outsider, but I was lucky enough to meet someone who gave me that stability. “Home” can be whatever you want/need it to be.”

    “when the honeymoon is over”
    “My personal favourite track is 'when the honeymoon is over'. It's about falling in love and the absolute chaos that can come along with that. It's the whirlwind and the 'what if's', the diving headfirst and the doubt that comes after. I think you can actually get bogged down in the doubt if you let it, but it's about pulling yourself back out and remaining in the moment. It is what it is.”

    Photo by Brianna Da Silva
  • source : Spotify
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