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  • Emi Jeen Releases New EP “Why So Serious”: Streaming

  • Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Emi Jeen released her sophomore EP “Why So Serious” along with the JP Charlebois-directed new music video for “Everything, Something, Nothing” on September 16, 2022.
    It is her first project in two years since the 2020 debut EP “The Other Side”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, produced by Derek Hoffman, Evan Blair, Adam Bertucci, and Andrea Rocha.
    It is an exploration of her new sounds and an energetic '90s-influenced pop rock.
    Emi Jeen said of the EP, “Sometimes we meet people and we know that they will only be in our life for a short period of time, but we still pursue these temporary relationships… My second EP, Why So Serious, is such a transformation for me. I'm definitely having more fun and trying new sounds.”
    She shared on social media, “I was always so worried about what other people would think, or if I was making the wrong decision. Over the years, I continued to try to please everyone, to do what I thought they wanted me to do, even though I was so unhappy, just to fit in. When the pandemic hit, I also hit rock bottom, but being locked up allowed me to put my emotions and whatever I was holding inside that was making me unhappy into songs. I didn't have anyone to answer to or influence me, I just wanted to let those stories out so I could move on. I realized that going against my heart only made me feel worse in the long run. 'Why So Serious' was born when I realized that all of my songs were kind of therapy sessions and I came to the conclusion that I was taking life way too seriously, that we're here for a short time and we should inspire each other and just let go. Be you and don't let anyone tell you how to act, what to do or who you should be.”
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    Emi Jeen explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Everything, Something, Nothing”
    “When musician/producer Evan Blair did a Tik Tok video saying that he wanted to write with indie artists while we were all stuck at home during the pandemic, I decided to reach out and we booked a Zoom session and wrote this track. Then, he sent me the production and I recorded the vocals in my studio.
    Expect a 90s vibe with energetic drums and hooky guitars, exploding into a catchy chorus! This song really celebrates the feeling of abandon; leaving someone that was once everything and then nothing…”

    “No Emotion = No Tomorrow”
    “Have you been 'ghosted' before? I'm so tired of seeing so many of my friends feeling like “s**t” cuz this guy or girl they were seeing stopped responding out of the blue. I also once was dating a guy that told me that if we wouldn't be together tomorrow he would move on like nothing happened… I was shocked…like you would have nothing anymore… no emotion? As of tomorrow?”

    “One Million Perfume”
    “I fell in love very quickly. It was so intense and electrical. We had an instant connection. Nothing mattered anymore. I was addicted to him, to his scent. For many reasons this love or maybe we should call it lust didn't last. But, while I was recovering from this lover… I was keeping a sample of his perfume in my purse… to bring back the good memories.”

  • “Dark Lonely Summer”
    “Derek and I got into a writing session and felt like we didn't want to spend another summer as we had far from people we loved. I arrived at the studio and had one word in mind: 'canyon.' We were about to start another wave of the pandemic and I felt so far from human connections. I felt like we were digging a huge canyon and wouldn't be able to connect physically with each other anymore. I just wanted to get out of this mindset saying, 'And I won't chase another dark lonely summer.' In terms of the instrumentation, I said to Derek, it would be cool to do a four-on-the-floor beat but alternative. To feel a sense of movement, to feel that it was a phase and that we will get out of this deepness. He nailed that one right away.”

    “Hurt U”
    “'Hurt U' is a glimpse of a love that didn't survive. It's the point of no return. You realize that you hurt the person you loved and that it's too late to apologize.
    I started this song on the piano and couldn't finish it. I sent it to Andrea and she was instantly inspired by it. We were able to finish it through many back and forths via email and zoom. She recorded cello and Jonathan Chan recorded some violin. I then recorded all the vocals in Montreal, even some by myself.”
  • source : Apple Music
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