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  • Ira Nor Releases Debut Song “flashback”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Ira Nor released a debut song “flashback” on June 9, 2022.
    The song will appear on her debut EP “Swim Ira”, which is set to be released on August 26, 2022 via 777 Music.
    It was written by Mari Jystad Halse and Øyvind Glåmen.
    The track draws reflection on a toxic relationship of accidental re-connections. Ira Nor said of the song, “Takes you a thousand steps back in the healing process, because of the rollercoaster of emotions you had with that person, seeing them again is like getting smacked in the face. The song is about looking back at a former toxic love. The feelings are extra strong because toxicity does that sometimes - it's about being drawn to toxicity.”
    Musically inspired by acts such as 070 Shake, Troye Sivan and Charli XCX. The 22-year-old singer said about her music, “Pain can be beautiful if you use it in the right context. So I always try to do something beautiful with mine. I just want to let people know that it will be ok. Finding your own way; moving on from a bad situation and suddenly finding yourself alone. It will all be ok. I just wanna move someone. I'm doing this because I'm in love with the process of making music – it would mean the world to me if it helps people too.”
  • Photo by Luis Kramer
    Background photo by Jonathan Vivaas Kise
  • source : Apple Music
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