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  • WILDES Returns With New Song “Woman in Love”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Ella Walker, aka WILDES returned with a new song “Woman in Love” on April 5, 2022.
    It is her first music in two years since the 2020 EP “Let You Go”.
    The track was written by Ella Walker and produced by St Francis Hotel.
    “Woman In Love is a song of anger,” Ella Walker explained of the song. “It's all about the facade presented by someone who isn't all that happy, and the rage that lies under the glassy exterior. I had put on a brave face for so long when I was in fact feeling underestimated, scared, manipulated, and cornered. I wanted to release that fury and fear in to a song and be honest for the first time about how I was feeling. The music was part inspired by artists who occupied my head at the time - PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, SASAMI. Unapologetically honest women and musicians. They gave me permission to come out of the box I'd been cowering in.”
  • WILDES shared on social media, “I have been waiting for today for what feels like forever. This song is not only a step in a new direction musically, but also marks a huge step in my own life, of choosing myself and my self respect above all else, above anyone else. Writing this was the first, honest conversation I'd had with myself for years, and there was a lot of repressed anger that needed to come out. So I'm pretty proud of this one. If it means one ounce to you of what it means to me, I'll be a happy girl.”

  • Photo by Sequoia Ziff
  • source : Apple Music
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