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  • 2019-11-04
  • Loote Releases New Song “All the Fucking Time”

  • New York City-based pop duo Loote announced their third EP will be released in 2020, following the second EP “lost” which was released back in June.
    From the EP, the duo released a new song “All the Fucking Time” on October 31st. The song was written by Alex Koste, Katherine Saul, Max Weinik, Jackson Foote and Emma Lov Block.
    A half of the duo, Emma Lov Block said of the song, “I was in a session with some friends, and I was going through my notes in my phone because HELLOOOO INSPIRATION. Anyway, I’m sitting there scrolling through my lil Rolodex of ideas when I see this one short one. It straight up just said 'I just want you to want me all the fucking time.' And I remembered writing it down a while back because I got into a heated discussion with my boyfriend over something silly, and I knew I couldn’t say that to him. Because it’s really extra, even for me. So I just left it there instead and forgot about it. and honestly? It’s my biggest downfall.”
  • She continued, “I’m needy sometimes. A lot of the time. I care what people think. Especially the people I love. I want to feel wanted. I cherish those moments when I feel like everything is perfect, and I’m loved and admired and someone wants me so much they can’t stand it. It’s almost embarrassing, but I can’t help it. If you love me, show me. Ya know? Made a fuckin dope song though.”
  • source : The 405
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