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  • Zombie Americana Releases Self-Titled Debut Album: Streaming

  • American electronic-rock duo Zombie Americana released their self-titled debut album on October 30, 2020.
    The album comprises of 10-track, including preceding singles “Zombies”, “Bad Trip”, “Save Me”, and “Better Off Dead”.
    Zombie Americana consists of singer/songwriter Bryce Fox in Nashville and songwriter/producer Ross Ryan (aka Stayloose) in Denver.
    Back in 2018, initially, the duo planed to create a collaborative EP and operatic rock album about a societal collapse. But they decided to form a new project.
    “It was just us two in a room, alone, just thinking with our hearts and our feelings rather than with our heads on what's going to fit or what's going to make sense for both our projects,” Zombie Americana said. “Upon listening to the work again almost a year later, it just made so much sense to us, so we coined a name and came up with an aesthetic, which didn't take much effort as it was all laid out in the lyrics for us.”
    The album background is the societal chaos of American society that longs for some truth and salvation beyond a social media-drenched wasteland.
    The album features different genres like boom-bap hip-hop, punk-rock, reggae and piano ballad, which are inspired by '90s sound.
  • The duo told ONEEDM, “Honestly much of this was written in the blink of an eye. We came together for a week in the summer of 2018 to work on a potential collaborative EP. What came out the other end was seven songs that were unlike anything either of us had been doing before.”
    They continued, “We shelved they work for a year before we made any decisions on how to approach it as a whole project. Once we'd given it a face and a name we became aware we should write a few more pieces to make it a full 10 tracks. The final songs (“Propagate”, “Crybabies” and “Better Off Dead”) were written over a five-day span in Nashville.”
  • source : One EDM
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