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  • Sizzy Rocket Drops New Music Video for “Spill My Guts”

  • Last month, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Sizzy Rocket released her third studio album “Anarchy” via Lost Chrrry.
    She wrote and recorded 10 tracks over eight days in various Los Angeles rentals.
    On October 13th, she dropped a new music video for “Spill My Guts” from the album.
    The video was directed by Dorian Tocker. “I came across something called Hanahaki Disease, where flowers grow in your organs when you experience unrequited love, and ultimately you throw them up,” Dorian Tocker explained. “I called Sizzy to explain: ‘I think in the video you’re masturbating, pining for someone, and in the end you cum flowers from your mouth.’ All she said was, ‘That’s the best thing you’ve ever said to me.’”
  • Sizzy Rocket told Paper Magazine about the song, “I remember this song spilling out all at once, almost in chronological order. Everybody was over at the loft for dinner. I think I made spaghetti bolognese that night. Benny Reiner (my producer) was smoking a post-dinner joint playing that eerie little riff on the guitar and it caught my ear. I looked up immediately like, "Uhhh what is THAT!?" and he said he was just making it up. It reminded me of a creepy Nancy Sinatra-esque lullaby and spoke to this sexy darkness I'm constantly reckoning with. I started voice-noting melodies and the whole thing spilled, or rather spewed, out.
    The lyrics are uncomfortably confessional: "I wish I had the guts to say/ the way I feel about you..." It's like, I know I'm intense and dark and you'll probably just get freaked out and runaway, but at the same time, I can't help it. I can't keep this feeling to myself. I think there's a lot of fear buried in all of that, but I wanted to face it head-on.
    When we were working on the ending I knew I wanted something that sounded intrusive — like that's the moment when all of my guts and deepest darkest secrets start spilling out uncontrollably. And once it starts, it doesn't stop. Originally that sound was going to be a chopped up synth, but when I showed Benny how I wanted it to sound with my voice, we knew that it had to be a vocal sample. So, the sound that you're hearing at the end is actually my voice, digitally chopped and warped, and if you listen closely you can hear my breath. I love those kinds of details.”
  • source : PAPER Magazine
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