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  • Rich Aucoin Shares New Music Video for “Reset”

  • Canadian alt-rock singer-songwriter Rich Aucoin will release his fourth studio album “United States” on September 18th via Haven Sounds.
    From the album, he dropped a new music video for “Reset” edited by Rich Aucoin himself.
    The track is an anti-gun anthem. After the shootings in Parkland, Florida in 2018, he began cycling across America to fundraise for Mental Health America/Canadian Mental Health Association. The song was written during the tour.
    “I wanted to remove guns, victims and shooters from the video and have the focus be on protest in response to events,” explains Rich Aucoin. “Guns sales go up during times of fear like after a mass shooting or now during the pandemic and so this is an important time to refocus the attention to dealing with the epidemic of America’s gun violence as they continue to rise. Suicide​ also accounts for the highest number of deaths by guns and I wanted to shed light on that problem as well as the mass shootings occurring frequently.”
  • He said, “One thing I wish there was more footage of, to include in the video but was impossible to find, was discussion around ​toxic masculinity​ and ​violence against women​ as many of the shootings include domestic violence at their onset. There is lots of messiness in the discussion of gun violence and ​mental health as well as both sides, seem to be using different dictionaries for their terminology. The ​NRA​ is a lobby group masquerading as a civil rights organization but, just as the ​Tobacco Institute (TIRC)​ was dissolved in 1998, hopefully the NRA will be deemed unconstitutional as well.”
    He continued, “Finally, I wanted to block out the guns of this video in the way I blocked out the president in the previous video but wanted to find an object which would demonstrate the desensitized way we see weapons, I picked the ​dildo​ because it seems out of place for someone to be showing it off in public and yet the dildo is an object of pleasure not a weapon of death. We should have a bigger reaction to seeing weapons of death being allowed to be touted around in the name of freedom.”
  • source : The East
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