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  • beabadoobee Premieres New Song “Ever Seen” on BBC Radio 1

  • Filipino-British singer-songwriter beabadoobee premiered a new song “Ever Seen” on BBC Radio 1's New Music Show with Jack Saunders.

    The song is the third single off of her upcoming third studio album “This Is How Tomorrow Moves”, which is set to be released on August 16, 2024.
    The song was written on the road during her time on tour with Taylor Swift.
    The track was originally intended to be a country song but grew into something more soaring and euphoric, with zig-zagging strings and pummeling percussion.
    The song was written during Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour in 2023, where beabadoobee supported as opener, and was originally intended to be a country song.

    beabadoobee told Jack Saunders about the song, “It was actually a couple days after Glastonbury, if not maybe a day after and I was I think I had a bit too much fun. Yeah, I felt very bad. And how I write all my music, it kind of helped me understand my brain a little bit. My boyfriend actually helped me write the song.”
  • She continued, “It's about I talk about how he thinks I have the prettiest eyes I've seen and how I think he has the prettiest eyes. I always wanted to hook in a song I actually like I was thinking about when I was in the Taylor tours like I don't want a song with like a really solid hook. So I had the idea of like 'Ever Seen' playing around and then I finished the song.”

  • She said of woking with producer Rick Rubin, “I think it was just focusing on the positive side of it. I mean, he's a very spiritual man. So I think the things that he puts on the table I think the best. And kind of understanding the music in his own way. We had this really amazing drummer come in, pulled a wave and he just played. That was the one thing that we were kind of struggling on but I've what I find quite interesting in the song is that this in that like middle eight section almost feels like a dance. I originally wanted to be like a very country song. But Jacob, who also co produces with Rick was like, hold on, maybe we should like make it sound like the way you felt like last week.”

    Photo by Jules Moskovtchenko
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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