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  • Sheppard Releases New Album “Zora”

  • Australian pop band Sheppard, consisting of George Sheppard (vocals/guitar), Amy Sheppard (vocals/keyboards) and Emma Sheppard (bass), released their fourth studio album “Zora” on June 21, 2024.

    The album is their first body of work in three years since the 2021 album “Kaleidoscope Eyes”.
    The comprises a 16-track, featuring guest appearance from Zora Pugl, produced by Jay Bovino, Ryan Daly, Sam Farrar, Gladius, Neil Ormandy, Ethan Roberts, George Sheppard, Robin Stjernberg, Whakaio Taahi, and Jordan Witzigreuter.
    The album title is named after their grandmother, Zora.

    George Sheppard said of the album, “The album revolves around the rejuvenating nature of light and that no matter how dark life at times can feel, a new sunrise is just around the corner. Throughout any family ordeal or crisis (which no doubt every family goes through), we constantly look up to our Croatian Baba (grandma), whose name is Zora.”

    He continued, “Life has thrown her some monumental curveballs, but the way she's always kept a smile on her face, shown nothing but love, positivity, and hope for the future in the face of tragedy is something we've always admired about her.”

    He added, “This led to us consciously focus on gratitude and finding the positive in our own moments of crisis or loss. Instead of writing sad songs of self-pity and despair, we decided to set out to craft an album that was authentic to our emotion and real-life experiences, but could still be fun, uplifting, anthemic, and most importantly - hopeful.”
  • Amy Sheppard said, “In a way of honouring our Baba and paying some homage to our Croatian heritage, we decided to look up what "Dawn" was in Croatian. Incredibly, the word for "Dawn" in Croatian is "Zora"; our grandma's name. It was a moment of serendipity that couldn't be ignored. The album name had found us.”

    She continued, “Our hope is that Baba's legacy of gratitude and love in defiance of anguish will live on in our music. That Zora will stand as a beacon of light for anybody who might feel like all is lost. A timely reminder that darkness is only temporary, and soon a new sunrise will arrive to paint the sky with colour once again.”

  • George Sheppard told Sweety High about the album's sound, “The sound of ZORA is a rich tapestry of emotive melodies and lush arrangements, blending the heart of indie rock with the uplifting spirit of powerful pop anthems. Production-wise, it was a journey of exploration and fine-tuning. We worked tirelessly to ensure that each song not only captured the essence of its message whilst resonating with the organic warmth and clarity we envisioned-and the result is a beautifully diverse pop album that's nuanced and very fun to listen to. We dove into experimenting with a variety of instruments and soundscapes, from the powerful strums of our acoustic guitars to the profound depths of orchestral strings, to trying to recreate the sound of a traditional Croatian guitar called a tamburica, all to enhance the emotional gravity of the album.”

    Sheppard explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Zora” via Sweety High
    "ZORA-a gorgeous intrumental intro to the album that is our take on what a sunrise sounds like musically, capturing the essence of emerging triumphantly from the darkness. Each of these songs showcases a different facet of our emotional and musical spectrum, making them all favorites in their own right.”

    “UFO's, once the punchline of a comic strip, are now a serious part of our global conversation. They're clearly out there. These shimmering discs in the sky, breaking our puny laws of physics. The proof is undeniable. I mean just look at that. We used to gaze at the stars and wonder, are we alone in the universe? Now glance upwards and ponder, are they going to interrupt the footy? Next time you a UFO, don't run. Instead, put another snag on the grill, gaze upward, enjoyed the Interstellar show. After all, it's not everyday you become part of a cosmic audience. Unless of course you're George, Amy, and Ema from the band Sheppard They 're legends those guys. Hav you heard their new single? It's absolute banger. I know it's a big call but I think it might actually be the bangiest banger I've ever heard.”

    “Good Time”
    “It's the idea that true happiness lies within the people you love. It's not where you are or what you're doing, it's who you're with.”

    “Edge Of the Earth”
    “In an era where fleeting viral moments often overshadow enduring artistry, the value of longevity and a repertoire of memorable songs that resonate deeply with fans becomes immeasurable. For us, 'Edge of the Earth' isn't just another single release. It's a heartfelt anthem that crystalises a pivotal chapter in our lives, inspired by the unwavering support and trust of our partners who have moved with us to Nashville in support of our dreams.
    This incredible act of faith and unity is at the heart of 'Edge of the Earth,' symbolizing that home is wherever we are with the ones we love. It's quintessentially Sheppard – bold, anthemic, and brimming with uplifting energy, carrying a message that resonates far beyond the music. While viral success has its allure, crafting a meaningful career, one that truly connects and leaves a lasting impact, is what we cherish the most. We're excited to bring 'Edge of the Earth' to fans around the globe, sharing a song born from genuine love and the courage to follow it to the ends of the earth.”

    “Dance On the Sun”
    “Dance on the Sun” is a beacon of hope for those who have faced adversity and found themselves in the midst of darkness. This song serves as a reminder that even when the world feels lonely and bleak, the sun will always rise again, and with it, comes a renewed sense of euphoria, warmth, and love.”

    “Play On the Moon” via Sweety High
    "Play On The Moon" is incredibly special as it's the album's closer and explores the poignant realities of growing up and evolving dreams. It feels very melancholic and nostalgic. it's a very beautiful track.”
  • source : Apple Music
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