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  • Under The Rug Releases New Song “mad girl's love song”

  • Austin-based indie/folk-rock band Under The Rug, consisting of Casey Dayan (vocals/guitar), Sean Campbell (guitar) and Brendan McQueeney (drums), released the first single called “mad girl's love song” from part 1 of their upcoming album fourth studio album “happiness is easy” on May 31, 2024.

    The son is an homage to American poet Sylvia Plath's poem of the same name, which was published in the August 1953.
    The track was co-written by Sam Hollander, produced by Under The Rug, and engineered by David Peters.
    The new album is set to be released on August 16, 2024.

    The band lead singer Casey Dayan said of the song, “This song is an homage to Sylvia Plath’s eponymous villanelle, which I’ve always admired. I wanted to write something new from it, or inspired by it, without strictly using her language in a derivative way. Sylvia’s poem, to me, at least, feels like it’s about a character’s relationship to an imagined version of someone and the expectations that character superimposes onto them. The dissonance between those expectations and reality drives the character mad.”
  • Casey Dayan continued, “In our song, things had to move differently. The speaker is more concerned with the dissonance between who they are and how the expectations the ‘you’ might have of THEM. It feels true to me, as a trans person, who is often being interpreted on the internet.”

  • The new album is a sprawling two-part, 30-track exploration of the challenges of pursuing happiness, delivered with the band’s signature irreverence, irony, and dark humor.
    It is their first body of work since the 2023 album “Homesick for Another World”.
  • source : Apple Music
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