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  • Pond Releases New Song “So Lo”

  • Australian rock band Pond, consisting of Nick Allbrook (vocals), 'Shiny' Joe Ryan (guitar), Jay 'GUM' Watson (drums), Jamie Terry (keyboards) and James 'Gin' Ireland (drums), released the third single called “So Lo” from their upcoming tenth studio album “Stung!” on May 28, 2024.

    The new album is a double-LP with 14 songs and is set to be released on June 21, 2024.
    The song is a sizzling bit of art-house funk, combining New York cool and Berlin brutalism in a giddy romp.
    It was written by James Ireland, Jamie Terry, Jay Watson, Joseph Ryan, and Nicholas Allbrook. Produced by Pond.

    “I think Gum was just messing around on guitar playing something fun and cheesy and then realised it could be cool in a kind of cold, concrete, No-Wave way,” the band frontman Nick Allbrook said of the song. “I wrote the line about white dreads while waiting for a bus in Tottenham - maybe there were some hippies around, maybe there weren't, who can really say where hippies are or aren't at any given time... The words were “all these tablets got me breaking in two” but when I first double tracked the vocals they were a bit out of time and gum thought I said, 'These tummy tablets got me breaking in two,' which made us laugh, and thus, by the laws of Pond, became official.”
  • He continued, “Some of the lyrics are sad, honestly, about watching your future as you'd imagined it evaporate before your eyes - being haunted by 'a child as brittle as paper.' Gum thought I was saying 'horny badger, brittle as paper,' but that was a bridge too far, even for us. This song sort of skirts between being horrendously bleak and really dumb. The vocoder Gin and Gum put on 'so European' absolutely kills me.”

  • The band embarks on Australian Tour, UK/Europe Tour, and North American Tour.
    The tour kicks off at Carriageworks in Sydney on June 14, and will conclude at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA on December 5, 2024.
    learn more about tour dates, here.

    Photo by Michael Tartaglia
    Background photo by Emilio Herce
  • source : Apple Music
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