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  • ELBA Releases New EP “Mirrorball”

  • Danish singer-songwriter ELBA released a new EP “Mirrorball” on May 24, 2024 via Nordic Music Society.

    The EP is the follow-up to the debut album “Teardrops & Blind Spot”, which was released in January 2023.
    The new EP comprises a 5-track, written by Astrid Cordes, Ellen Bathum, Mads Bunch Johansen, and Nikolaj Poulsen, produced by Mads Bunch Johansen and Nikolaj Poulsen.

    ELBA said of the EP, “I went through a difficult period of stress in 2021 but with time, getting better, I've felt a strong need to focus on all the positive things in life. That's why I wrote five songs about various self-empowering topics: from standing up for yourself to being ecstatic and to love and dance again.”
  • ELBA explained some tracks for the EP.

    “We Can Do This”
    “It was decisive when I dared to open up and let the people who care about me into all the difficult things I was facing on my own. I realized, that I was anything but alone and I suddenly felt this strong sense of community that disarmed my fear of falling, reassuring me that if I do, there's always someone to catch me.”

    “A song about being good to yourself.”

  • “You Do You”
    “The song is about acknowledging and embracing your very own unique human composition. About believing in your own abilities - especially when life seems tough and unfair - and above all, it's about daring to trust and listen to your own inner voice. Otherwise, you limit yourself, maybe even to other people's expectations, making the negative define your path. 'You Do You' is the result of my own experiences but also a universal story about standing up for who you truly are,”

    “I'm A Dancer”
    “Life is exuberant and magical, full of joy and positive energy, if you dare to embrace it. 'I'm a Dancer' is a song I've needed to write for a long time. It's about surrendering to all that is good, about dancing and laughing until everything bursts with ecstasy - to remind us all that even in the darkest of times, the light always returns.”

    Photo by Sebastian Vistisen Toft
  • source : Apple Music
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