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  • daydreamers Releases New Song “Beach House”

  • British Indie-pop band daydreamers, consisting of Riley (vocals/guitar), Jay (drums), Aurora (bass) and Marco (guitar), released a brand new single called “Beach House” on May 17, 2024.

    The song is the second single, following the release of their debut song “Call Me Up” last month.
    It was written and produced by Riley.

    The band said of the song, “This one is coming out for every single one of you that's supported us during the start of this journey… we started playing this song in October and since the beginning it's been a favourite of yours and ours live. Since things have been a bit crazy and everything's kicking off a bit we wanted to put this one out next to say thank you (esp to everyone in the OG WhatsApp group, discord).”
  • daydreamers was formed in 2023. Before their debut, the band frontman Riley shared on social media, “I've been building towards this for a long, long time and now the music is finally ready. Getting to do this with Aurora, Jay and Marco feels special, and Daydreamers is the band I always wanted to be in.”

    He continued, “At some point it's clicked what this is all about, the hours of writing, producing, editing (I really don't like the editing), practicing, learning, grinding. The meetings, the money worries, the highs and lows, the feeling of life or death that comes trying to survive in this industry. In a way, it's distracted me from what's important.”

  • He added, “It's about connecting with people like me, that love music with energy, emotion, authenticity. People that relate to this stuff as much as I do. And chances are if you're into the tunes, we're gonna get on. So it's probably cheesy, but I wanna meet you. Because the whole reason I picked up a guitar as a kid was to meet you. Cos everyone's a bit fucking lonely aren't they?”
  • source : Apple Music
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