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  • MAX Releases New Album “LOVE IN STEREO”

  • American singer-songwriter MAX released his third major studio album (the 4th album in total) “LOVE IN STEREO” on February 16, 2024.

    It is his first album in four years since the 2020 album “Colour Vision”.
    Also the album is the first release under his new label Warner Records.
    The album comprises a 12-track, featuring collaborations with HUH YUNJIN, ​keshi, DUCKWRTH, Bazzi, JVKE, and Ali Gatie.
    Produced by Cody Dear, dwilly, Imad Royal, Jacob Ray, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, Johnny Simpson, keshi, MAX and Mayer Hawthorne.
    MAX said of the album, “This album is truly every sound and experience of love I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life. Songs for my beautiful 3 year old, songs for my absolutely incredible wife of almost 9 years, and songs for those I’ve been so lucky to love and be loved by. I hope people find themselves feeling warm, elated, emotional, and truly the most vulnerable and authentic versions of themselves listening to these songs. I love you. Thank you for supporting and listening to my music.”
  • He added, “I feel so honored to have such incredible collaborators like HUH YUNJIN of LESSERAFIM, keshi, jvke, bazzi, duckwrth, and Ali Gatie. This is such a special album to me and I am eternally grateful to all of the brilliant creatives who made my dream come true in forming this new world, sound, and era.”
    MAX explained about some tracks for the album.

    “STUPID IN LOVE” featuring HUH YUNJIN (허윤진)
    “'STUPID IN LOVE' is one of the most special songs to me. It's based off of my own love story with my wife, who I got engaged to four months after we started dating and were married five months later. Then recently when I visited Korea, I met Yunjin and saw her perform and was so blown away. I sent Yunjin the song and she delivered such a beautiful verse and really completed the song as a whole. I'm so grateful and excited to have her on this track with me”

  • “IT'S YOU” featuring ​keshi via Wonder
    “I write so many love songs for her (his wife Emily Schneider). [Throughout] my whole career, [I've created] so many love songs: Lights Down Low, Butterflies, Blueberry Eyes. She always loves the love songs! It's funny 'cause she's used to me writing so many, but this is one of her favorites 'cause she could tell when it's one of the better ones.
    I think she could also feel my bond with keshi through the song, and I think that made her really happy—not only to see that it was dedicated to her, but that it came from a place of so much love and organic friendship.”

    “'SAY LESS' is one of my favorite funky dance songs I've ever released, with the help of Mayer Hawthorne and the whole writing team. DUCKWRTH might have written some of the best bars on the whole album with his verse. I hope people everywhere dance as much as possible to this one.”

    “I was writing with my friends Jacob Ray and Cody Dear, and we hit a wall creatively, so we decided to loop a beat we worked on while we played Catan for 2 hours. I had this title 'Gucci Bag' in mind as a metaphor for feeling really confident, and midway through the game inspiration hit and I grabbed the mic and sang this chorus.”

    “STRINGS” featuring Bazzi and JVKE
    “This video is a real life capturing of a surprise I dedicated to my wife for our 7 year wedding anniversary. Everything you'll see is us preparing for a special performance of a new song I wrote for her... And giving her plaque we hand-made to celebrate the over 1 billion streams that other songs I've written for her have accumulated. I love you, Emily. Happy Anniversary. This video is really special to me. I feel very lucky to work with so many incredible artists and dedicate my music to the people I love so deeply. Getting to capture this real surprise was magnificent. Thank you every person who made this possible and to JVKE & Bazzi for lending their brilliant vocals and artistry to this track. Much love and hope you enjoy it.”

    “WASABI” via Rolling Stone
    “This is one of the most energetic and fun songs I’ve ever been able to put out. I hope people dance and feel their absolute spiciest to it.
    When we wrote ‘Wasabi,’ I immediately knew I wanted something Kill Bill/Austin Powers inspired. My wife is a total badass, and I knew she could pull it off and be the superstar of the video. Once I found out my friend Alyson Stoner was on board to play our perfect villain, it was game over.I really hope people love this one. We had the best time making it with the whole team.”

    “BUTTERFLIES” by MAX & Ali Gatie
    “Essentially, it’s about falling deeper and deeper in love with my wife.”
    Ali Gatie: “Butterflies celebrates the beautiful journey of the long-lasting love we all hope to find. I’m honored to join Max in telling this powerful story.”

    “Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Edie Celine. I started writing this song with her in my arms in the hospital when she was born. It will always be a special time capsule for us and I hope it means something to anyone out there who knows the love of being a parent or has a little loved one in their life. Somehow I keep falling more and more in love with you every day. I'll never forget holding you in my arms for the first time in the hospital. This song just came pouring out of me. I love you. Love daddy.”
  • source : Apple Music
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