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  • Middle Part Releases New Song “Dial *”

  • New York City-based singer-songwriter Middle Part released a new song “Dial *” along with a live performance video on February 8, 2024.

    The song is the third single off of his upcoming debut album “Disruptor”, which will be released in 2024.
    It was written by Andrew Selkōw, Brian Zaremba, James McDermott and Michael Andrews.
    Produced by Michael Andrew, and Middle Part. The live video was directed by Devan Sakaria.
    The track tackles depression, suicide, and self-isolation driven by paranoia. The desperate call to a suicide hotline in order to connect with someone and pull oneself out of an endless descent. The chorus signals the realization that death shouldn't be the option regardless of life's darkest moments.
    Middle Part said of the song, “Lyrically, this song revisits a very particular grim time and serves as an acknowledgement of never wanting to personally return to such a low. The massive weight of the song's themes are juxtaposed with a familiar pop format. Its intent, like much of the record, is to upset the complacent mainstream.”
  • Middle Part shared on social media, “2 years ago and through the beginning of last year I wanted to end my life. I punished myself to the point of exhaustion with the weight of my vices and where I was at in the world. I surrounded myself with things and people in my life that didn't serve my growth and I probably wasn't as kind as I could have been either. I called the suicide hotline cause I just wanted a friend, and I didn't know how I was going to un-alive myself, I didn't know how to tell anyone that would've heard me as well and I'm still unsure if it was strength that stopped me, I was extremely lost. I tell you this because with the structure of social pressures, the music industry that rewards youth and vanity it can take a real toll on your mental health.”

  • He continued, “Although, I'm aware I've come SO far from what imagined starting this thing, I KNOW I've made an impact. I just made the best work of my life and I still can't help but feel like I'm not doing enough. I woke up when we started this band, my whole perspective changed and in some of the best ways but also some bad ways and as depressing as my music can be, I still believe there was a part of me that was hiding and this record is not that, this song is DEFINITELY not that & honestly dude... it's kin of fucking hard 2 talk about to u.”
    He added, “I have been so nervous to post about this stuff because I like things like New Jersey, slim Jim's, cooking, watching tv and being a menace with my wonderful friends. It's embarrassing to tell you guys this because I want to be a blue print, I want to be a positive influence that lets you know life DOES get better and that you NEVER arrive and that's totally chill and okay. I love making music, and I love the music we're putting out. 'Dial *' is about all of those emotions, the weight that not wanting to be alive plagues you with or just overall growing pains in general. I don't wanna die anymore and if that's something you've felt before or feel now, maybe this song will help your healing.”

    Photo by Ada Chen
  • source : Apple Music
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