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  • Bellah Mae Announces New EP “Never Waste A Heartbreak”, Shares New Song “Compatible”

  • British singer-songwriter Bellah Mae has announced her sophomore EP “Never Waste A Heartbreak” will be released on May 3, 2024.

    The EP comprises a 6-track, following the release of the debut EP “With All Due Disrespect” last September.
    Bellah Mae said of the EP, “The title of this new EP means a lot to me as it enforces that no matter what happens there’s always a positive. If you’re in a heartbreak, you have so much opportunity to become such an empowered version of yourself, learning that you can move past anything and grow even stronger from it.”
    From the EP, she unveiled the first single called “Compatible” on February 2, 2024.
    The track was written by Bellah Mae and produced by Alex Stacey.
    “Compatible encapsulates the feeling of not feeling chosen or wanted by the person you’re with and worry they’re too comfortable,” she said of the song. “And although being comfortable can be good, you don’t want it at the sacrifice of feeling so loved and appreciated. As a songwriter and storyteller, I often take from multiple inspiration around me for writing a song, yet I still didn’t quite expect this one to resonate with so many people.”
  • Bellah Mae shared on social media, “'Compatible' is song no. 1 from my second EP “Never Waste A Heartbreak” coming on May 3rd!!! I’m so excited to share this era of songwriting with you. I'm going to keep writing my stories and posting them on here... if they resonate with you, let me know!! Compatible would have never come out if you all didn't blow it up, so thank you all for letting this little story come out into the world and it blows my mind how many of you are resonating with it.”

  • Photo by Bella Howard
  • source : Apple Music
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