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  • Michael Isaak Releases Debut EP “Forever is a Scary Word”

  • Los Angeles-based Egyptian-American singer-songwriter Michael Isaak released his highly-anticipated debut EP “Forever is a Scary Word” on January 12, 2024.

    The EP comprises a 6-track, all songs written by Michael Isaak and produced by Michael Isaak and Owen Korzec.
    The EP has been crafting since May 2022, intertwines his heritage with a fresh musical perspective.
    The EP is a pop and folk infused portrayal of coming of age in a religious Egyptian-American community, and the eternal struggle between honoring tradition and chasing freedom, illustrated through soft and intimate vocals, dreamy guitar and string patterns, and confessional lyrics.
    Michael Isaak said of the EP, “This has been my passion project of almost 2 years and it's actually unreal that I finally get to share it with you. This is my song book! I've been writing songs for more than two years and it's my favorite thing in the world.”
    Reflecting on his evolution over the years, Michael Isaak said, “My journey in music production transitioned from being a weekly refuge for stress relief to a close confidant, a medium where I could convey my deepest feelings in a unique, personal language.”
  • Michael Isaak explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “hey boy”
    “'hey boy'” is a song about wishing well to the former versions of yourself, reminding them that everything will be okay, and it'll all work out in the end. There's so much I would say to my younger self, and I wish I could, but I'm also confident he'll be able to figure it all out on his own.”

    “okay with this”
    “Rock bottom felt like home. And in that darkness stood a strip of blue tape on my childhood bed frame. My brother put it there in some effort to tell me it'll soon get better. That blue tape became a reminder of all the pain I endured–leaving college, losing friendships, feeling denied for who I was–but also the hope that I could overcome it all.”

  • Photo by Joshua Andrew Belida
  • source : Apple Music
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