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  • SOAP Releases New Song “Work Is Hard, Life Isn't Easy”

  • London-based pop-punk band SOAP (formerly The Tyne), consisting of Cooper Stout (bass), Ryan Lofthouse (vocals), Josh James (guitar) and Noah Lima (drums), released a new song “Work Is Hard, Life Isn't Easy” on January 11, 2024.

    The song is the first official release as SOAP. They will release one more song this month.
    Back in November 2023, the band changed their group name from The Tyne to SOAP.
    The track was written by Cooper Stout, Joshua Lima, and Ryan Lofthouse. Produced by Joshua Lima.
    SOAP said of the song, “We wrote this song in May 2023 when we were trying to get absolutely banging live songs for our tour with Busted and it ended being just that! But also we've decided to do something crazier that we've ever done before aghhhhhhhh!!!”
    The band continued, “This song is the first of 2 releases that are coming out this month. It's also the first of 4 that are coming out over the next 2 months. And the first of 6 that are coming out over the next 3 months. I think you get the idea! We need to break the system in some way shape or form, so this our plan on how we're gonna do it! We just wanna put out as much as we can into the world as possible! We hope you stick around and listen to as much as you can. We honestly believe that all of this new music is our best work!”
  • The band explained why they changed the group name, “We have decided to change our name from 'The Tyne' to 'SOAP'.
    This has been something we have thought about for a while and we know it may come as a surprise to most of you! 'The Tyne' has served us well as a name over the last 4 years and we've been able to put out so much we love under it! We're not gonna be ignoring everything we've done before discography-wise either. Our Spotify/Apple Music and so forth will all be changed to 'SOAP' with all old music still on there!”
    The band continued, “So, why the change? Why 'SOAP'? We've been playing around with the idea of a name change for a little while (no we haven't been sued). 'The Tyne' has always felt very comfortable to us as it's been our name since we started this band. But it always carried a sense of confusion between us. Who is The Tyne? We felt like it was time to have a name that represents all of us.”

  • They said, “We've been asked questions by everyone about why we're called 'The Tyne' and we don't have a good enough reason to justify it, we're all from London (apart from Ryan who is actually from the North East). The name itself came from a song lyric from a band we like! (We'll tell you the song in 10 years time).”
    The band added, “Now some of you might like the name and some of you might hate the name! But we love it! We're really excited to move forward with the music we feel better represents us with a name that we feel better represents us!”

    Photo by Oliver Arnold
  • source : Apple Music
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