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  • Dead Pony Announces Debut Album “Ignore This”, Drops Two New Music Videos for “About Love” & “COBRA”

  • Scottish post-punk indie band Dead Pony, consisting of Anna Shields (vocals), Blair Crichton (guitar), Liam Adams (bass) and Euan Lyons (drums), has announced that their debut album “Ignore This” will be released on April 5, 2024 via LAB/Seeker Records.

    The album comprises a 16-track, all songs were written and produced by Dead Pony.
    The band guitarist Blair Crichton said of the album, “As a band, we've experienced an awful lot of being ignored. We really don't like that. So we set about making a debut LP so good that people had to pay attention. It's a record that literally dares people to 'Ignore This...'”
    The lead singer Anna Shields added, “It's about making music that appeals to people like us. A lot of things have changed for us over the last few years, but it's arguably even more powerful seeing how we've stayed the same. That's solidified my understanding of who our fans are: people who like good music, who aren't in too much of a hurry to pigeonhole bands into categories, who don't give a fuck about following trends," explains Shields. "When I look into the crowd at our shows, I see people who remind me of myself as a teenager. Those are the people this music is for: the misfits who struggle to fit in anywhere else...”
  • From the album, the band has dropped two new music videos for “About Love” and “COBRA”.
    Two videos were directed by James Cox.
    “About Love” was released in October.
    Anna Shields said of the song, “It's a story of admiring someone and coming to the realisation that they aren't the person who you thought they were. It's frantically trying to piece together broken fragments of yourself and of them, to try and mend what is now lost. Sometimes trust can be fixed but other times it is broken for good. About Love tells the tale of growing up in love and the complications that arise when one of you changes.”
    “COBRA” was released back in August.
    Blair Crichton said of the song, “COBRA is our statement of discontent towards the brain-dead masses. Ignorance has taken over the controls and we want to scream about it. Fusing together rock riffs and break beats, while cramming in as much energy and angst as we can. COBRA serves as Dead Pony's diss track to everyone we stand against.”

  • Photo by Danny Blake
  • source : Apple Music
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