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  • Medium Build Releases New Song “In My Room”

  • Alaska-based singer-songwriter Medium Build released a new song “In My Room” along with a music video on December 8, 2023.

    The song received its first play during BBC Radio 1's Future Artists with Jack Saunders.
    The song is the follow-up to “Cuz of U”, which was released back in September.
    The track was written by Carol Karpinen, Jake Libassi, and Nicholas Carpenter.
    Produced by Laiko and Carrie K. The accompanying video was directed by Harrison Shook.
    Medium Build said of the song, “I am so proud of this song. Being a kid is weird. I grew up in a loving fam but our house was chaotic. We were always on the run. Always doing shit. Family and friends visiting. Our house was like a community center but sometimes i just felt lonely. Sometimes shit was tense. Sometimes shit was fun. There were lots of adult things happening sometimes that I didn’t understand. I would retreat to my room and play with action figures. I would play the recorder and do puzzles. I would draw and sing and make up voices for my stuffed animals. My room was the safest place I had. A zone just for me to be fucking weird.”
  • He continued, “Last year my friend Kevin gave me a prompt to write a song about my room. I wrote this song about my childhood bedroom. I was embarrassed by the lyrics. They were so honest. I didn’t edit anything. I played it once and kinda moved on. Until one day I met Carrie K and I asked if she would help me record a song I kinda had. She gave it life and let me be messy. Then we took it to Laiko and he did his magic like he does. I’m so fucking proud of this song. I’m so lucky to be able to transform my pain and memories into little sonic movies with my friends. This song is for all of y’all. If u ever felt alone…If u feel alone right now. Lean into that quiet voice in ur head. Thank little you for being a weirdo. Spend some time alone today. Really alone. No music no phone no Pool no pets no cigarettes. Just fucking alone. Life’s weird.”
  • source : Apple Music
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