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  • Blackout Problems Releases New Song “FUNERAL”

  • German alt-rock band Blackout Problems, consisting of Mario Radetzky (vocals/guitar), Marcus Schwarzbach (bass), Moritz Hammrich (guitar) and Marius Bornmann (drums), released a new song “FUNERAL” on December 15, 2023.

    The song is third single off of their upcoming album “RIOT”, which is set to be released on February 23, 2024.
    The track was written by Marcus Schwarzbach, Mario Radetzky, and Moritz Hammrich. Produced by Mario Radetzky.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Bernhard Schinn and Moritz Schinn, starring Sophia Schober, Tabea Willemsen, Thilda Tettey, and Theresa Bittermann.
    “I often find myself unable to recall when and where certain elements of songs originated, but with this one, the memory is vivid,” the band frontman Mario Radetzky said of the song. “I'm sitting at my living room table, with my guitar in my lap, playing a bit to myself. Our album has just reached the final stretch, and the playlist of songs that will make it onto the record is slowly taking shape. There have never been so many demos and sketches in the writing process, yet in the end, it wasn't too difficult to crystallize the favorites that were good enough to land on riot. But I had the feeling that something was missing.”
  • He continued, “There was something else I wanted to say, something I hadn't managed to express before. At this point, the album was already so developed that I could say how it sounds, and it wasn't anything sonically. It was something lyrical. I had continued to use our music as my diary, pouring out the last 2-3 years of my soul. The time when my body and mind told me: no more, and I ended up at the doctor and then in therapy. I literally struggled with small blackouts and anxiety that I had to overcome. I wrote about loneliness and the loss of one of my closest partners in crime. About how we keep going nonetheless. About the challenges of continuing the band while growing up. About overcoming debts while keeping our attitude at the right place. About an empty fridge but an extended middle finger. About the political shift to the right that you can't ignore no more, the war in Ukraine, the hate on the internet, and the feeling of being completely out of place. Wasn't everything said for the moment? No, I had forgotten something. The positive.”

  • He added, “The people who stand by me and help me get through the difficult moments. Those who do everything for me, and vice versa. The person or people who make me laugh even when I don't feel like it. It became crystal clear to me, that I had forgotten what got me through. And I wanted to say thank you. I was still sitting at the dining table with the guitar in hand and began to play the chorus of „Funeral.“ It just came out of nowhere. A positive song. Take it, it's yours.”
  • source : Apple Music
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