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  • Allman Brown Releases New EP “Second Son, Pt. 1”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Allman Brown released a new EP “Second Son, Pt. 1” on December 1, 2023 via Nettwerk.

    The EP comprises a 5-track, including three preceding singles and two new songs “Your Nature” and “Call Me On”.
    The EP sheds light on a deeply personal chapter in his musical journey, exploring themes of love, loss, self-reflection, and the human experience.
    Allman Brown recorded the EP with producer Peter Katis, pianist Thomas Bartlett and vocalist Kori Gardner-Hammel in just 10 days.
    Allman Brown said of the EP, “This is, without a doubt, my most personal work. It deals directly with my father's death, my relationship with my mother, my feelings of anxiety and regret, and the legacy handed down to me by my upbringing. In short it's my attempt to reckon with my past.”
  • He continued, “Throughout the process I was very keen to strip back my songs to their essence. I didn't try to be smart or knowing with my lyrics. I deliberately striped them back so I could be as honest as possible with myself. I wanted to feel vulnerable and I wanted to find strength in that feeling of vulnerability. I wanted to create a space where honesty could thrive, where I could be as honest as possible with myself and my audience.”

  • Allman Brown explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Your Nature”
    "I had half of “Your Nature” rolling around in my head for a long time, and the talented Emily Hackett was the one who helped me finish it. Together, we solidified the song's themes, elevating it from a simple observation into something grander - a reflection on the bond we share with the natural world and the profound joy that comes from nurturing that connection."

    “Bad Blood”
    “This song is about dealing with the version of myself I don't like very much. Sensing that I'm not improving upon the mistakes of my parents but perpetuating them, that I'm stuck in a loop I can't escape. It's a downbeat song in the sense that I can't forgive myself sometimes for the things I've done and the hurt I've caused others. It deals with shame, the oppressive nature of that feeling, and how it mutates to cover everything. It's hard to escape sometimes.”

    “Breathe In, Breathe Out”
    “It's a song about reassurance and being the safe harbour for someone in distress. It has a gentle groove to it that mirrors the theme of being calm for someone. It's a soothing song in a soothing style ultimately.”

    “'Bewildered' is about the feeling of waking up in shock and disorientation but then realising how that one person in your life can settle you back into place, how a loved one or a relationship can anchor you to reality and soothe you.”
    He added, “The last verse is a pocket summary of the film 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'.”

    Photo by Jodie Canwell
  • source : Apple Music
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