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  • Dove Cameron Releases New Album “Alchemical: Volume 1”

  • American actress and singer-songwriter Dove Cameron will release her debut album “Alchemical” in 2024.

    The debut full-length consists of two parts: Part 1 is “Tear Down”, and Part 2 is 'Rebuild”.
    She released the first half of the album called “Alchemical: Volume 1” on December 1, 2023.
    The album comprises 8-track, produced by Connor McDonough, Evan Blair, Isaiah Tejada, The Monsters & Strangerz, Riley McDonough and Ryan Daly.
    Dove Cameron said of the album, “Alchemical: Volume 1 is a report from the void of my own personal experience with love, sex, loss, trauma, darkness and eventually transformation and healing. I wrote volume 1 during a period of deep healing and space to process that I had never given myself. I hope you feel yourself in these songs as much as I do.”
    She added, “Making this first half was so healing for me, and also necessary. Doubling back to to make sure I told these stories & left them in the past was a huge part of my 2023.”
  • Dove Cameron said of the album title on The Jennifer Hudson Show, “I ended up naming the album Alchemical because it's this word that started to sort of follow me as I evolved and I grew up, and I found a really great relationship with taking sort of the losses or the traumas in my life and incorporating them into who you are, and sort of growing from them, you know, rather than attempting to hide from them or attempting to put them to the side. I just found that this process of alchemy, with taking one from and holding it and transforming it was something that really empowered me. Alchemy feels like something you can grow from and you an become something from these things.”

  • Dove Cameron explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Lethal Woman”
    “I wrote this song after meeting a woman one night who immediately cast a spell on me. I wanted to encapsulate that 'time stands still' lightning in a bottle moment of knowing you have no choice but to let yourself be swept away by someone's energy. I'm opening the album rollout with this track as a sexy ode to powerful women everywhere. Wild cosmic women: you made me who I am.”

    “I got tired of this pervasive and constricting male-dominated energy all around me making me feel like I was somehow set up to lose a game I didn't even want to play. So I've been writing songs that allow me to take up space, to stop diminishing my power and to explore the fullness of who I am in a new and sexy way. 'Breakfast' is just the next step in me finding my voice through my music and getting a little energetically weird.”

    “'Sand' is about a person who I loved very much, and who I thought I was going to spend my life with. “It's about the experience of having that seemingly perfect relationship end so suddenly and without warning, the feeling of shock and overnight disintegration of the future you built together, realizing no matter how much I gave of myself, I still had so little of him in the end, and the feeling of being unable to get back even the smallest pieces of myself that I had given away. I hope when you hear this song, it helps you learn to trust your instincts when you fall for someone, and hold out for the one where the more you give, the more they give. Don't be afraid to lose the ones who can't possibly see you, not because you aren't incredible, but because they never could in the first place.”

    “In writing 'Boyfriend,' I feel like I finally found my sound, my perspective and myself in a way I wasn't sure I ever would. I am so immensely happy to have this song and this part of me out in the world. I hope you feel access to yourself when you listen to it too.”
  • source : Apple Music
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