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  • Maddie Regent Releases New EP “Girl of Your Dreams”

  • New York-based singer-songwriter Maddie Regent released her sophomore EP “Girl of Your Dreams” on December 1, 2023.

    It is her first project in two years since the 2021 debut EP “Miss Regent”.
    The EP comprises a 8-track, including preceding 5 singles and 3 new songs “Buy Her a Drink”, “Prettiest Please” and “Hiding Place”.
    All songs were written by Maddie Regent, and Cade Hoppe who also produced them.
    Maddie Regent said of the EP, “'Girl of your Dreams' is about how bad love conditions you to believe you're not worthy of good love... So you can't help but ruin it. It's a cycle of toxic relationships - both with others and yourself.”
  • Maddie Regent shared on social media, “I'm so proud of this project, and I'm so excited to finally have it be finished and out lol. Thank you Cade Hoppe for co-writing and producing the whole thing (And for shooting the artwork!!) From the studio apartment studio to a studio studio, we've spent so many weekends working on the songs and getting them right. You're the most talented person I know and it's been an honor to make music with you. I love you.”
    She added, “And lastly thank you to all my listeners, friends and family. It means more than you know that you take the time to check my stuff out. I love doing this and I love connecting with you.”

  • Maddie Regent explained about some tracks for the EP on social media.

    “I wrote it with Cade Hoppe who levitated it into pop heaven. I love this song and I love making music with my best friend. Many thanks to the best Harper James for his additional production and mixing genius. You helped make this song fly.”

    “SIDE FX”
    “Cade and I wrote this little diddy last summer. It came together really quickly, as most good songs do. The production came as we wrote and there was a moment where Cade and I looked at each other and said….is this iconic? And we never looked back.”

    ”I love it I love it.”

    “Can't pretend”
    ”This is probably my favorite pop song I've ever made (it references a key and kite, stone in a throat, lightning, magicians and trenches…oh and it's about dating in nyc. I think I literally compare dating to call of duty... Thanks to my bestie Cade Hoppe for producing this of the last ones we made in his bedroom studio.”

    “Hiding place”
    “'Hiding place' is about that toxic love that is so hard to escape because you know it too well. You know what the person is thinking and how they must be coping. You know where they play and where they hide. And when you're still attached it's hard not to be drawn to those places.”

    ”This is a song I wrote about my anxiety featuring my favorite anxious kid lol. 'ruining' is about anxiety making you feel shit about yourself ...when there's nothing wrong with you and staying in on a Friday night trying to learn how to create a 3D model of yourself is completely okay. The world really opened up to me once I accepted this.”
  • source : Apple Music
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