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  • The Effens Returns With New Song “Someone's Gonna Get You” featuring The OBGMs & DENZ JUNIOR

  • Toronto-based glam-grunge band The Effens returned with a new song “Someone's Gonna Get You” on November 22, 2023.

    The song is their fist music in two years since the 2021 EP “Eventually”.
    This time, the band teamed up with Canadian punk rock band The OBGMs' DENZ JUNIOR on the track.
    The track was written and produced by Austin Nops.
    The Effens' lead singer Austin Nops said of the song, “This tune was rolling around my mind and demo folder over the last year and I could not figure my way out of it. While I was listening to The OBGMs divine intervention convinced me to send it to DENZ JUNIOR and get his perspective on it. He dug what I had so far and was down to try messing with it. Having Denz come in with fresh ears and without any notes or ideas from me about how the verse should sound was such a release from the mental blocks I had with the song. He quickly brought it to another level and evolved how I was hearing it.”
    He added, “I up'd the tempo and key of the song. I rewrote/re-recorded all my vocals and was pulled out of the my writers block. It's no lie when they say the The OBGMs are saving us all.”
  • Austin Nops said, “I wanted to take some of the more personally troubling thoughts I have about the future and human communication, and put them to one of the catchiest and most joyous pieces of music I've been able to write. Not only completes the song with his vocals but also gave his take lyrically on the ideas I was sharing with him behind the song.”
    He continued, “There was an understanding about the concept of the song and I was excited to hear Denz take those ideas and elevate them. After he recorded his verse I completely changed my vocals and lyrics for my verse in the song. It was a great back and forth, making the song better in a way that is not possible writing alone.”
  • source : Apple Music
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