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  • Me& Releases Debut Song “Eye to Eye”

  • Hong Kong girl group Me&, consisting of Vian, Feanna and Mand, released their debut song “Eye to Eye” on November 10, 2023.

    The debut song is a heartfelt pop anthem, celebrating the power of a deep and meaningful connection. The song's lyrics express the longing for a partner who treats them like royalty, highlighting the importance of cherishing and celebrating connections.
    The track was written by Jordyn Kane and Lemon Grenade. Produced by Jeong Ho Won and Jaewoo Seo.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Mah.
    The group said of the song, “‘Eye to Eye is a joyful song soaked in pink bubbles and brings a pleasant mood! We want listeners to experience this feeling of love and unity, one that will make your heart dance to the rhythm of truly seeing eye-to-eye with someone. We are so excited to share our debut single with all of you!”
  • Vian said, “Being able to debut as Me& is like a dream come true moment. I’m very excited and I am looking forward to the journey ahead! For the production of the song, it brings together the talents and elites of the industry from all around the world. Since the time we first heard the demo, I already knew it would be a perfect fit for us. During the recording process and practice sessions, I felt inexplicably healed by the song, and I hope everyone can also feel this magical power. We are also launching a dance challenge, and I hope that everyone will actively participate and immerse themselves in our pink world, becoming part of the Love Attack Squad!”

  • Feanna said, “Being in a girl group is like a wild ride. It's all about the excitement of making music, feeling that strong bond with your crew, and collaborating to create something amazing. It's all about empowerment, inspiring others, and having each other's backs. We have definitely faced challenges, but they make you grow. It is like a rollercoaster that leaves a lasting impact. I hope you all enjoy our debut single!”

    Mandy said, “I love modelling, acting, dancing, and performing. In these past few years, I have achieved many dreams that I thought were impossible. Me& was born, and I believe no one expected it, not even myself. We are releasing a new song called 'Eye To Eye' and everyone should listen to it! We have spent nearly a year preparing, learning to sing, intense dance rehearsals, and shooting the music video in Korea with a strong backstage team. This has been a great opportunity, challenge and experience for us, and I have realized that as long as you have belief, everyone can have unlimited possibilities.”
  • source : Apple Music
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