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  • The Kid LAROI Releases Debut Album “THE FIRST TIME”

  • Australian rapper Charlton Howard, aka The Kid LAROI released his debut album “THE FIRST TIME” along with a new music video for “SORRY” directed by Cole Bennett on November 10, 2023 via Columbia.

    The album is his first body of work in three years since 2020 mixtape “F*ck Love”.
    The album comprises 20-track, featuring guest appearances from Jungkook, Central Cee, Future, BabyDrill, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Robert Glasper, and D4vd.
    In addition of his brother Auz the Kid, The Kid LAROI worked on the album with producers Benny Bock, Billy Walsh, Blake Slatkin, BNYX®, BoogzDaBeast, Cirkut, Clams Casino, Dez Wright, Dopamine, Emile Haynie, F1LTHY, Fallwood, FNZ, Jasper Harris, Jim-E Stack, John Cunningham, Keanu Beats, Louis Bell, Michael Uzowuru, Mickey De Grand IV, Mk.gee, Nagra, Nami, Omer Fedi, PARISI, Pro Logic, quickly, quickly, Shellback, Sir Dylan and SkipOnDaBeat.
    The Kid LAROI said, “Only 1 thing I ask tomorrow when the album is out... please listen from top to bottom. Even the one's you've already heard or are already out.”
  • Back in February, The Kid LAROI told Billboard in an interview that the album started out as little ideas.
    He said, “I've been making the album over the past two years. Not two years of every day working towards this album, but two years in between other stuff. Making little ideas, and the stuff that I started with at the beginning that I'm going to see through to the end with this album. And then the stuff that I made three days ago that I feel needs to be on the f–king thing. So, it's just been a slow process.”
    He continued, “To be honest, I don't agree with the message of the album (the mixtape 'F*ck Love') in general. 'F–k Love,' I think it was an immature statement to make. I think it was like a heat of the moment statement.”
    He added, “The cool thing about music and putting stuff out is it's like a time capsule. So, it's like, 'Whatever, that's how I felt at the time.' And it's cool that I get to look back, cringe at it, and be proud of the next stuff I'm about to put out.”
  • The Kid LAROI shared on social media, “It's been 2 and a half years since I last dropped a project and I'm sorry about that. been working a lot on my mental and I'm happy to say I think I'm in a better place now than I have been. as stoked as I am for this album to come out I'm even more stoked to just keep making and putting out stuff for you guys all this year and beyond. I feel so much more creative & motivated. so I'm glad I took some time off to figure it out because now we're not stopping. no breaks this year. or for a long time. this is my most vulnerable work yet and I'm so grateful I got to make it with my friends and people I genuinely love. my little brother Austin also produced a song on here which is probably what I'm most happy about. so yeah. all I can say is I hope you guys like it and thank you again for being so patient and kind with me. I love you guys more than anything.”

    The Kid LAROI explained about some tracks for the album.

    “This is 'SORRY' is probably one of the realest songs I've written just because it's like so I mean when I wrote that song I was very like I was in a weird head space to be honest, I've been past year and a half I've honestly speaking I've been in a I was in bit of a weird head space just because like I hadn't dropped music in a while was felling a little like purposeless and I had I've had so much going in my personal life that obviously doesn't need to be said, but different ting that come with life and I was just feeling very overwhelmed, so overwhelmed and I'm feeling like I haven't dropped stuff, I don't know what's going on, and then go home and you have all this other stuff going on and after made 'SORRY', it felt like such a release of, it's like I got to release those thoughts and those feelings.”

    “BLEED” via Zach Sang Show
    “I've been trying to make a song like 'BLEED' for so long. I just love the vocal layers on the hook, the bridge/second verse part is so cool - I love how it builds up and then drops into the last hook, and how the instrumental builds up the whole way through the song. Just everything about it really feels like something I've been trying to make for a long time, and I've made a lot of songs that are trying to be 'BLEED,' but aren't 'BLEED.' I just really love it.”

    “This wasn't in the release plans but I played it this weekend at Coachella and I just felt like the time was right for some reason. This one means a lot to me. It's super personal. It's a song about loss, grieving and dealing with the thoughts and emotions that come with that. I pray for all of you who are going through something similar currently and I hope this helps you feel a little less alone in all of it. I love you guys, and thanks for everything.”

    “This is my favorite video I've ever been apart of making. not only because Ramez is incredibly talented and executed the vision way better than we ever could have imagined, but also because it feels so true to where I'm at right now. we filmed a lot of it at Vic's with all the homies and none of it felt like a video shoot... apart from having a whole bunch of cameras and shit everywhere, which I will admit, was really funny in itself seeing at Vic's house lmao.”
  • source : Apple Music
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