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  • Sigrid Releases New EP “The Hype”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid released a new EP “The Hype” on October 27, 2023.

    It is her first project since the 2022 album “How to Let Go”.
    The EP comprises 4-track, produced by Askjell, Ian Fitchuk, Jonny Fung, Nick Hahn, Seth Mosley and Sigrid.
    Sigrid said of the EP, “No wonder I started making pop music! I've never really wanted to make one type of pop song, I just wanna write good songs. I've been writing and writing, and I felt like releasing one single this year just wasn't enough, so I decided to put out an EP to show where I'm at now musically. I love the format: short and snappy, but enough time to showcase different sides to the songwriting, the story and the sound.”
    She continued, “On The Hype EP I've written about wondering if you really did live up to the expectations, messing up, getting over someone, and: you'll be fine! and I hope these lyrics will give you comfort in reading them, and the melodies make you wanna put it on repeat.”
  • Sigrid shared on social media, “We've already premiered the songs on the Norway tour (which has been so(!) fun and exactly how we used to do it before I released any album and I kinda had to play songs no one had heard) favourite thing about this EP is that it's not trying to do one thing, it's synth pop, country inspired pop, folky pop and festival pop (if that's a thing)! It was great making it.”
    She added, “Borderline is for the ones thinking of doing things you shouldn't do, Ghost is for the architects who built up scenarios in their heads and got dissappointed when it didn't go according to plan, the Hype is for the bitter ones and Wanted It To Be You is for the ones who say they're totally over it, but also maybe not so over it. ENJOY.”

  • “The Hype”
    “We've all been there when you wonder if you've lived up to the expectations,” Sigrid said in a press statement. “I thought about the term hype, in love, and at work, and the questions you ask yourself or did you really live up to the hype.
    So I wrote a song about it! With my artist job, I've sometimes felt that I've tried to live up to myself in a way – but a version of myself that looks like me but cooler, more confident, and touring the world. I've probably brought that into my private life, and all those things are what 'The Hype' is about. We've wrapped it in ethereal melodies and bass, synth, and drum-heavy production, but I love how there's so much strength in my vocals – there's power in being vulnerable!”

    “For as long as I can remember, I've had a thing for everything that is catchy – especially melodies you just can't get out of your head. It doesn't really matter what genre it is, as long as I wanna put it on repeat. No wonder I started making pop music! I've never really wanted to make one type of pop song, I just wanna write good songs.”
  • source : Apple Music
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