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  • The Rolling Stones Teams Up With Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder for New Song “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven”

  • British rock band The Rolling Stones, consisting of Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar) and Ronnie Wood (guitar), has announced 24th (26th American) studio album “Hackney Diamonds” will be released on October 20, 2023 via Polydor.

    It is the first studio album in seven years since the 2016 album “Blue & Lonesome” and their first album after the death of drummer Charlie Watts, who died two years prior.
    The album comprises 12-track, featuring guest appearances from Elton John, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Wyman.
    From the album, the band released a new song “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven” on September 29, 2023.
    The song is the second single off of the album, following “Angry” released on September 6, 2023.
    This time, the band teamed up with American singer-songwriters Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder on the track.
    It is the first collaboration between The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga. But, in the past, Stevie Wonder previously toured with the Stones in 1972.
    The track was written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Produced by Andrew Watt.
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    Mick Jagger told Zane Lowe of Apple Music about the song, “She's a really great singer and I'd never heard her sing quite that style before. Not exactly. We did it live in the room and that was a great experience, her just coming in the room and her just opening up and seeing her bits and feeling her way and then getting more confident. And then we came back and then did some extra parts that we hadn't done on the day and then we did some tidying up and we were just in the overdub room, really face-to-face, getting them really tight, the parts really tight, and then being slightly competitive and screaming.”
    He continued, “It's all played live. And of course we did overdubs, but it's all played in the room. Yeah, there's that moment, especially in that session where we had Stevie, and you're feeling your way out a little bit and then you do that soul ending, which is you do sometimes on stage where you stop and you start. It's very kind of tried and tested redoubling thing. But, yeah, I mean, it really feels like, yeah, it is played live... it was a good moment.”

  • He added, “We played it with Keith and Ronnie when we were in The Bahamas when we more or less finished everything. But we hadn't mixed it then, so then we mixed it, I mixed it with the mixer and Andy [Andrew Watt] and we were in three places. And then when we finished mixing it, we had a sort of three-way playback. And, yeah, it's a really good moment when you play something. And it's always a great moment when you play it back like that. And, 'Wow, we finished it and it sounds really good, and we're pleased with it.' Because if we hadn't been pleased with it, we've had to have change it. You've got to choose the right songs because we recorded a lot more songs than this. And then to choose a set of songs, these aren't necessarily even, you might prefer one than the other, but they will come out. The other ones will come out. But choose a good balance of the songs you've recorded.”
    The band guitarist Ronnie Wood told Rolling Stone about Stevie Wonder, “It just was so moving to be in the studio with Stevie. Watching Stevie play his array of keyboards: a little bit of synthesizer, a little bit of Moog here, and a bit of clavinet there, and a grand piano here, and the lovely moods that he invoked. It was lots of great inspiration in the whole band.”
    Mick Jagger said, “To get Stevie to play it with all those gospel chords, it makes it come alive and takes it to another level. And you feel, 'Oh, wow.'”

    Photo by Mark Seliger
  • source : Apple Music
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