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  • Olivia Dean Drops New Live Film “Songs From Messy”

  • British singer-songwriter Olivia Dean has dropped a new live film “Songs From Messy” directed by Sirus Gahan.

    The film was shot in a field and featured three songs “Everybody’s Crazy”, “Messy”, and “Carmen” from her debut album “Messy”, which was released back in June.
    She performed with Deschanel Gordon (keyboard), Finn Zeferino-Birchall (bass), Joel Waters (drums), Joe Bristow (trombone), Jack Banjo Courtney (trumpet), and Jermaine Amissah (saxphone).
    Olivia Dean said, “Three songs from the album performed in a field for you. Shot and directed by the best Sirus Gahan.”
    The debut album comprises 12-track, produced by DetoNate, Matt Hales, Tre Jean-Marie, Felix Joseph, Bastian Langebæk, Aston Rudi, and Max Wolfgang.
    The album reached No. 4 on the UK Albums chart.
  • Olivia Dean explained track-by-track via Apple Music.

    “Everybody’s Crazy”
    “I love this song, but it does also terrify me. It really puts me out there. As in, my heart on the line. But you have got to be brave. It’s all well and good for me to have songs like ‘Ladies Room’ where I’m like, ‘I’m an independent lady, you can’t tell me what to do,’ but obviously I go home and cry into my pillow sometimes. Let’s be real. For me, this song is a warm hug, a bowl of tomato soup, but then at the end it’s like you’re on mushrooms and suddenly the world’s opening up.”

    “The last track I wrote for the album. I had this guitar part that I kept playing over and I just kept saying the word ‘messy.’ I thought, ‘What is this song about? What am I trying to say?’ Maybe it was about a relationship being messy, but I had one of those epiphany moments, like, ‘No. It’s a song to myself. I’m writing a song to tell myself I’m allowed to be messy. Your album doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be you.’”

  • “Carmen”
    “Out of everything I’ve made, this felt like the thing I made most for me. It feels so specific to my life. I knew that I wanted to immortalize my grandmother forever, even when I’m gone and my great-grandkids are gone. That’s what music can do for someone. It was something that was very private at the beginning. It’s a song about her coming to the UK from Guyana as part of the Windrush generation. She got on a plane in 1963 and came over with her baby sister and completely changed her life. Then she had four kids, and they had kids and one of them is me.
    I wanted this to feel like a celebration because, at the time and now, there is a lot of negativity around Windrush. I thought, ‘They need a celebration.’ The way that people from that generation loved the Queen—they needed the love back and the lyric ‘Never got a jubilee’ was me giving her that. When I was writing this song, I pictured my granny sitting on a throne, steel pans are playing and everybody’s just having a great time and eating mac and cheese at her diamond jubilee. I cried when we had the steel pan player come in and record because I just think it’s the most beautiful sound in the world—for me, it’s nostalgic for a place I’ve actually never even been to, but to have that on the record was so important. I’m so proud of this song. My granny knows it exists, but she hasn’t heard it yet. I guess I’m just nervous.”
  • source : YouTube
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