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  • Blanco White Releases New Song “Silver Beaches”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Josh Edwards, aka Blanco White released the second single called “Silver Beaches” from his upcoming sophomore album “Tarifa” on August 11, 2023.

    The new album is set to be released on September 29, 2023 and comprises 11-track. It is his first album in three years since the 2020 debut album “On the Other Side”.
    The lyrical themes on the album draw from cosmic wonder and our potential isolation in the universe, to hinting at the abstract and metaphysical.
    The track was written and produced by Josh Edwards and Pilo Adami.
    Blanco White said of the song, “I began writing this song with Pilo Adami in the summer of 2022. We'd done some recording sessions as instrumentalists in the past on Malena Zavala's Abbey Rd sessions for her album 'La Yarará', and once on my own music, and I'd always thought it could be really interesting to try and write something together. I brought the verse organ progression from what would become 'Silver Beaches' into the session at Pilo's studio, and we started working on the arrangement from there.”
  • He continued, “I was really impressed by Pilo's instincts, and I felt our taste overlapped in a really interesting way. Pilo is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from southern Brazil. Although he's a phenomenal guitarist, his percussion playing and drum style left the biggest mark on the whole album. This was the first song we worked on together and it was incredibly exciting for me because I felt I had found a collaborator who could really help me develop my ideas and take the music to a new place.”
    He added, “This first song was a catalyst for finding an identity for the whole album, and it became a gateway track leading to new ideas that might fit alongside it. Lyrically the track changed and evolved over time, but the lyric 'Silver Beaches' appeared early on. I was imagining a dream like space of a beach at night. That surrealist image fed into the production and identity of the song, and I always felt I was picturing somewhere on a planet different to Earth.”

  • He shared on social media, “It’s one of the first songs that came together for the new album and I wrote the instrumental with my friend @piloadami last year. The final melodies/lyrics ended up being finished much later, but the title ‘Silver Beaches’ appeared very early on and I was imagining a dream like space of a beach at night. That image became an anchor to build the production around and it felt like I was picturing somewhere on a different planet to Earth 👽✨🪐🌃🛸🌛I’ve always found it really helpful to write to images in this way, imagining all the colours, tones and light. Hope you enjoy the song! Here are some little bits from the making of it.”

    Photo by Sequoia Ziff
  • source : Apple Music
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