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  • Sky_A Releases Debut Song “Spider Silk”

  • London-based singer-songwriter and producer Sky Ainsbury, aka Sky_A released his debut song “Spider Silk” on August 11, 2023.

    The song was self-performed and produced, with the addition of virtuoso drums by Adam Betts and additional production and mixing by Aneek Thapar.
    It lyrically explores the concept of strength in vulnerability.
    He has already filmed a music video for the song, which is coming soon.
    Sky Ainsbury said of the song, “Someone told me the riffs and parts I write are quite spidery - moving up and down at the same time like a thing with many legs. I leaned into that with this track, the softness of the acoustic guitar and all these fast repeating notes, spreading this gossamer. They say spider silk is stronger than steel because of its ductility - it can give and take. The song is about learning to trust and be vulnerable in love and the power that comes from that.”
  • The track will appear on his upcoming debut album, which is expected to be released later this year.
    Working professionally as a filmmaker and audiovisual artist, Sky Ainsbury also brings a strong visual element to this project with a focus on long-form audiovisual experience.
    He said, “I read once about Tchaikovsky writing the Nutcracker, how each instrument represented a character in the piece, so every time you hear the Oboe, that's the duck, or the fairy or whichever it is. That really stuck with me. So if I say that in my music, the acoustic guitar is flesh, human bodies, the drums and distorted guitar are architecture and machinery, weapons, and the synths are technology, the internet, a kind of convergent consciousness - when I say that I mean it quite literally. I'm approaching composition like a canvas, and there's consistency across the album, there's a story if you dig for it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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