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  • Peter Gabriel Drops New Music Video for “The Court (Dark-Side Mix)”

  • British singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel has dropped a new music video for “The Court (Dark-Side Mix)” created by Oranguerillatan.

    The song was released as the second single back in February from his upcoming tenth studio album “i/o”, which is expected to be released in 2023.
    It was written and produced by Peter Gabriel. His daughter Melanie Gabriel joined in the track as backing vocals.
    This video was created as part of the Peter Gabriel / Stability AI competition that launched in April 2023.
    The winners were announced in June, Oranguerillatan took the 3rd place.
    Peter Gabriel said of the competition, “There's so much talent on display throughout this whole competition and these winners we have to watch in the future – it's like watching the film directors emerge in the sixties that you know are going to dominate culture in years to come. This technology is an equaliser that is going to give us all tools to express ourselves in a thousand different ways. To all the winners and all the participants, I've been completely blown away and thrilled to be part of this new world.”
  • Oranguerillatan said of the video, “'Seeing the 'Sledgehammer' stop-motion video by Peter Gabriel was a pivotal moment in my life, igniting a love for animation that led me to study Animation/Illustration at University over 20 years ago, essentially setting me on the track to where I am now. As a long term admirer of Peter Gabriel's musical/visual contribution to the world and Tim Shaw's magnificent sculptural masterpieces, I entered this competition with an AI-animated music video for 'The Court' that attempts to embody the spirit of their recent artistic collaboration (see the beautiful artwork by Tim that accompanies the song).”

  • Oranguerillatan continued, “In creating my video, I wanted to pay tribute to the visual and musical genius of Peter and Tim. Both artists relentlessly convey fascinating messages and deep meanings with their bold audio/visual outputs.
    Drawing visual inspiration from Tim's profound sculptural work, I sought to capture its essence without directly emulating it, using text prompts containing aesthetics and subject matter rather than specifically using his name. I hope my video stands alongside Tim's fantastic artwork in a respectful manner, instilling discomfort and empowering viewers much like his pieces do.
    The resulting video aims to capture the duality of the human experience, at once gritty and hopeful, conveying the daily struggles of humanity while also highlighting our collective hope for a brighter future. At the same time, I sought to capture Peter's vision of a just and peaceful world, where embattled people can rise together towards a better future.”
    Oranguerillatan added, “In creating my video, I wanted to pay tribute to both Peter and Tim. Both artists are geniuses that relentlessly convey fascinating messages and deep meanings with their bold audio/visual outputs.”
  • source : Apple Music
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