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  • Charlotte Cardin Releases New Song “Jim Carrey”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin released a new song “Jim Carrey” on July 14, 2023.

    The song is the fifth single off of her upcoming sophomore album “99 Nights”, which is set to be released on August 25, 2023.
    It was written by Jason Brando, Mathieu Senechal, Charlotte Cardin, and Lubalin. Produced by Charlotte Cardin, Jason Brando, Lubalin, and Mathieu Senechal.
    Charlotte Cardin said of the song, “It’s a special one. I went into this rabbit hole of Jim Carrey interviews. He discusses ego in an interesting way. In his perspective, our need for acceptance holds us back from embracing who we really are. The track explores getting rid of your ego. You can decide what your destiny is if you take a risk and accept to be who you really are at the fullest. It’s a metaphor, but marrying Jim Carrey is a good way to start the inner work.”
  • She shared on social media, “I wrote this one with very close friends, during a summer where making songs laughing at my existential crisis was easier than crying about it. Jason Brando introduced me to jim carrey’s brilliant inspirational speeches and we came up with the idea of writing a song about me needing to marry jim, my life guru, in order to free myself from the claws of my evil ego. writing this song over the course of a few weeks with my friends was truly the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio.”

  • The new album comprises 12-track. It is her first body of work in two years.
    She carefully assembled what would become 99 Nights while on the road in 2021. After initial sessions in Montréal, she wrote and recorded in London, Los Angeles, and Toronto to “fuel a creative free flow.”
    Charlotte Cardin said of the album title, “We called it 99 Nights, because it was a big journey through all of these worlds I needed to explore in order to touch base with the most important things in my life. I realized I needed to get the fuck out of where I was. The 99 Nights are a symbol of one chapter closing and another beginning. It’s nostalgic because there’s an ending, but it’s very hopeful since I’m starting over. The first few months of the process traced a path for the sound, emotion, and stories I would be sharing, hence the title.”
  • source : Apple Music
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