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  • Bishop Briggs Releases New EP “When Everything Went Dark”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs released her new EP “When Everything Went Dark” along with a new music video for “Reborn” on June 23, 2023.

    It is her first project in four years since 2019 album “Champion”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, produced by AFTERHRS, Jesse Shatkin, John Ryan, Scott Chesak and Zakk Cervini.
    Bishop Briggs said of the EP, “I started making my EP “When Everything Went Dark” when life looked like this. I was going to the my chemical romance show with my sister at the shrine in Los Angeles. We screamed our lungs out at every song raising our hands high into the air. We were free. We were light. The world was free. The world was light. Until it wasn't. When the outside world began changing so did the private conversations that were happening as we went into lockdown. This EP was and continued to be my coping mechanism to vent, to find answers but perhaps find myself. I'm not this person anymore and I envy that she could hug her sister anytime she wanted.”
  • She continued, “When I was little I would sleep with a night light that filled my bedroom with warmth as I drifted off to sleep. Something about the after glow made me feel protected as if someone was staying awake looking out for me. As I got older, I learnt to truly rest you have to feel that safety deep in your body. As the leaves have changed colours several times over I've had a lot of difficulty shutting my eyes despite feeling completely exhausted. The truth is “When Everything Went Dark” has been my solace as I try to process what's happened. It was and continues to be the little night light in the corner of my room begging me to be switched on because without its comfort I don't know where I'd be today.”

  • She told Flaunt Magazine about the creative processes of the EP, “I think bodies of work are similar to tattoos. They really represent a chapter of your life and explain your identity as you are growing. Specifically with When Everything Went Dark it was my coping mechanism for the before, after, and during of my sister getting sick. I think the creative process was mainly about showing up. Even if that “showing up” was at 2 p.m. still in my pajamas playing the piano in my living room.”

    Bishop Briggs explained about some track for the EP.

    “Reborn” via Flaunt Magazine
    “That line was really difficult for me to wrap my head around. It still is. I wrote 'Reborn' with an artist named Wrabel who really encouraged me to keep in the line 'I am better now.' The way I've come to digest it is as a manifestation of sorts. Being 'better' isn't saying 'I'm glad it happened' or 'I understand why,' it's saying I got out of bed today.”

    “I am not perfect. In fact, I'm quite messy. I could say life is messy, which it is, but part of becoming an adult has been acknowledging the messiness that I have too. 'Baggage' is the first song where I stand in the mud and triumphantly stomp my feet in it. I can only hope that others feel empowered to own their version of messy and know that they aren't alone in it. I have found that when I unabashedly show my imperfections and my wounds I am growing. So, there you have it, that's my baggage.”

    “High Water”
    “I feel really grateful that I am here wide-eyed sharing new music with all of you. I can't say that I knew if that was going to be possible for me after my sister Kate passed away in January of 2021. With all soulmates there is an unbreakable bond and energy that ties the relationship so closely that nothing can break it. Although I feel broken, I know our bond will surpass the concept of time and healing. 'High Water' was written from the depths of my despair as a love letter to my best friend who I miss so dearly.”

    “I wrote 'superhuman' when I was 8 months pregnant. I really felt like I was in a space where I was seeking positivity and light for my little one who was about to arrive. This song quickly became a poem about encouragement and knowing you have the strength to continue on no matter what comes your way. Hearing each others stories is the human experience that I have valued so much in my hardest days. I wanted people to leave the music video knowing they are not alone and that they are capable beyond belief. I'm really grateful for Hunter Moreno (and Jake McKenna) who created something I will be proud to share so many years from now.”
  • source : Apple Music
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