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  • Lola Young Releases New Project “My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely”

  • South London-based singer-songwriter Lola Young released her new project “My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely” on May 26, 2023.

    It is her project in four years since the 2019 project “Intro”.
    Lola Young recorded the project in Los Angeles. She doesn't call this body of work the album, she called it the project.
    “It is an album but it's not. The word 'album' has changed. The pressure with the industry and labels and stuff of calling it a debut album is going to be a lot for me in my career,” Lola Young told Rolling Stone. “So I don't necessarily want to call this my debut album, even though it kind of is. I want to ensure that the album I do create is perfect. I'm not someone who wants to release one album either. I want to do tens of thousands of albums. So, this is a project.”
  • The project comprises 10-track, produced by Cass Lowe, Jim-E Stack, Malay and Manuka.
    She said of the project, “These 10 songs mean everything to me, each in their own way and I hope they end up meaning a lil something to you too. This project speaks about my experiences with love, heartbreak, feelings of failure, feelings of self-hatred, self-love, but most importantly this is sonically and lyrically a new chapter for me. The title itself describes my journey with my mental health condition, learning to live and grow through it, becoming friends with it and also just the state of my bloody mind half the time.”

  • Lola Young explained about some songs for the project.

    “Stream of Consciousness”
    “It's a contemplation of who I am, my insecurities, the mistakes I have made and what I've learned from them to grow into the young woman I am becoming. 'Stream of Consciousness' is an introduction to my new sound; my upcoming music feels like I'm channelling a depth of creativity I've never accessed before, and I'm excited to share with everyone.”

    “Revolve Around You”
    “It's a beautiful, heartfelt record about the fact that I'm pissed off that someone has made my life revolve around them.”

    “Annabel's House”
    “This song is like a love triangle thing. It's like if I was like sleeping with a guy who had a girlfriend and it's like deep. Not that often in real life. In the song, that's all personal. So but, as a deep song, and it's a lot of vulnerability in there but I thought to be of music sometimes. It's about putting something out there which feels raw, it feels a PC, you feel something that other people are gonna go 'Oh, yeah, I've had that'. That's really beautiful. I feel like music does that you know to people.”

    “Semantic Satiation”
    “It's basically when you say a word over and over again till it loses its meaning. I get it with 'slug'. I hate slugs, they make me feel violently ill. I've got a bad slug phobia. And so if I say slug over and over again, it loses meaning, but I think for that song I wanted to do it for 'love'. You have to listen to the song to understand what I'm saying. It's not that on the nose but it's quite pretentious. But at the end of the day, I don't really give a fuck. And it came out beautifully, so I'm really, really happy about it.”

    “Don't Hate Me” via CLASH
    “So this song is actually me talking to myself in the chorus, but also reflecting - it's saying to somebody else, 'don't hate me, but you're not what I thought you was'. I'm flipping it, so it's like, 'don't hate me, don't put it on me, but you're not what I thought you was'. And that's the beauty of wanting to not be hated for something that's not your problem. It's got that punky grit to the song. I really like the idea of having the hip-hop beat and it feels really raw. I basically freestyled. I really love the song. I'm really excited.”
  • source : Apple Music
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