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  • Eric Dash Announces Debut Album “Bystander”, Shares New Song “Jealousy”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Eric Dash has announced his debut album “Bystander” will be released on September 8, 2023.

    The album comprises 13-track, produced by Eric Dash and Patrick Taylor.
    Last December, he shared on social media, “I have to thank so many people in making this album and I will do so repeatedly as these 13 songs trickle out over the next 6 months. I wrote a letter as well that I will share when the album itself releases to try and convey the incredible amount of gratitude and respect I have for my collaborators and the entire experience.”
    From the album, he released the third single called “Jealousy” on June 16, 2023.
    The track was written and produced by Eric Dash with production by Patrick Taylor.
    Eric Dash said of the song, “There are wonderful people out there but it's human nature to react based upon our own insecurities and experiences. I feel like I've been judged by a lot of people. Not being cool enough or not enough of this or not enough of that. I'm too nice to some but to those who are more sensitive, I'm an asshole.”
  • He continued, “Jealousy is just about learning to live in your own skin and not taking out your own traumas on other people. We shouldn't validate every feeling we have just because we have them. That's ridiculous. A lot of our emotions are actually hurtful and by validating them and giving them fuel, we wrongfully hurt others. I've hurt others and I've been hurt. I couldn't continue to live that way when it became overwhelmingly apparent to me.”
    He added, “So Jealousy is about living better. It's about treating others how you want to be treated. What an incredible concept that we were taught so young. In one ear and out the other.”

  • Photo by Catie Laffoon
  • source : Apple Music
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