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  • MALU Releases New Song “Comfort Zone”

  • Danish-Corsican singer-songwriter Marie-Louise Pierini Lüders, aka MALU released a new song “Comfort Zone” on April 28. 2023.

    The song is her first single of 2023, and follows up “Never On Time”, which was released last September.
    The track is an uplifting soul-ballad. It was written by Marie-Louise Pierini Lüders, Jakob Groth, Joachim Ersgaard, and Jecho og Mr. Hyde. Produced by Jakob Groth and Jecho og Mr. Hyde.
    MALU said of the song, ”Life is unpredictable. It's full of surprises, people, experiences and moments that you never saw coming. The uncertainty about what's to come can be frightening or even make you anxious and to some it helps to know what tomorrow or next week brings or even just what is going to happen in the movie you're watching on Netflix. I've lived like that for years – safe and in control - but looking back, I never gave myself a chance to grow or develop, always living in my comfort zone.”
  • She continued, ”Since I was a little girl, even the most insignificant bumps on the road have felt like standing at a crossroads. I've always wanted life to follow this straight path, when actually it's all the detours, twists and turns that make it fun and spontaneous. I bloom through music; it gives me the strength to sing my way out of my identity crisis and develop as a singer but also as a human being. 'Comfort Zone' tells my story – but I know it reflects a story of many.”

  • Photo by Nicklas Wiborg and Jakob Korsholm Borum
  • source : Apple Music
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